What films are on Sky Cinema? – Where can I watch Sky Cinema?

If you subscribe to Sky, you can view from over a thousand movies on demand, as well as up to 12 live channels and the Paramount Plus app.

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New releases, box office hits, and even massively ambitious dramas are all represented here. Sky Cinema’s many channels each showcase a certain kind of film, making it simple to discover anything from comedies to thrillers to feel-good dramas.

What films are on Sky Cinema? - Where can I watch Sky Cinema?

What films are on Sky Cinema?

Sky Originals are films produced by Sky and only available via Sky Cinema. These are the Irish drama Aisha, the American political thriller The Independent, and the Russell Crowe and Liam Hemsworth vehicle Poker Face.

Some recently added films onto Sky Cinema include:

  • Spider Man: No Way Home
  • King Richard
  • Fast & Furious 9
  • The Matrix Ressurections
  • Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City
  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife
  • The Card Counter

How often are new movies added to Sky Cinema?

The premiere of a brand-new film is shown daily on Sky Cinema’s flagship channel, Sky Cinema Premiere.

It usually takes between three months and a year for a film to make its way from the theater to Sky. But, after then, the movie is only accessible on Sky for up to 18 months.

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What’s included in the Sky Cinema pack?

Sky Cinema provides a wide selection of live Sky Cinema channels in addition to more than a thousand movies on demand, such as:

  • Premiere: Now playing films, with at least one daily premiere.
  • Premiere+1: More of the above, (Sky only)
  • Action: entertainment focusing mostly on action, such as gun battles and automobile chases. Some examples of these movies include The Dark Knight, Fast & Furious, Star Wars, and Godzilla.
  • Comedy: Movies like “Men in Black,” “Alien,” “The Omen,” “I Am Legend,” and “Alita: Battle Angel” may be found on this channel with other horror films with supernatural or extraterrestrial elements.
  • Hits: This channel provides suggestions for what to watch next, including some films that may not be as well-known as those shown on Sky Cinema Greats. Films such as Gemini Man, The Kitchen, Crawl, and Bumblebee may be seen.
  • Family: Movies suitable for children and their parents include Harry Potter, Dora the Explorer, and Johnny English.
  • Animation: The Secret Life of Pets, Angry Birds, and The Lego Movie are all great animated films that the whole family can enjoy.
  • Select: Notting Hill, Stardust, The Last Bus, All My Life, and Robot & Frank are just a few of the indie films worth seeing.
  • Drama: Film and television adaptations of classic novels, such as Downton Abbey and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, as well as period dramas like Rocketman and The Last Black Man in San Francisco.
  • Thriller: Not nearly terrifying enough to be classified as horror, but nonetheless suspenseful. Die Hard, Speed, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, and Angels & Demons are among the titles included.
  • Greats: Films like Titanic, Top Gun, The Shawshank Redemption, and Bridget Jones’s Diary are examples of Hollywood’s greatest hits.
  • Sci-fi horror: Movies like “Men in Black,” “Alien,” “The Omen,” “I Am Legend,” and “Alita: Battle Angel” may be found on this channel with other horror films with supernatural or extraterrestrial elements.

All 12 Sky Cinema channels are available only via Sky.

Paramount Plus

Paramount+ is now included in Sky’s Sky Cinema bundle for no additional cost as of June 2022. It enhances Sky’s offering at a reasonable cost, at roughly £6.99.

Top Gun: Maverick, HALO, Star Trek: Stranger Things, and The First Lady are just some of the forthcoming movies that Paramount+ subscribers will get early access to.

Sky Cinema bundles from Virgin Media, NOW, or BT do not include Paramount+.

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Where can I watch Sky Cinema?

Sky Cinema is an add-on service offered by several cable and satellite TV providers.

Sky Cinema packages and monthly costs vary per provider, but you can compare monthly costs and other details in the comparison table above.

It’s important to realize that different service providers provide somewhat different Sky Cinema bundles. For instance, Sky Cinema now includes Paramount+, although this service is presently only available via Sky.

Sky Cinema Premiere+1 is not available on Virgin Media, NOW, or BT.

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