The Wandering Earth II All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

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The Wandering Earth II All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

The Wandering Earth II All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

The Wandering Earth II Story

The United Nations, now known as the United Earth Government (UEG), approves the Moving Mountain Project, which involves the construction of ten thousand enormous nuclear fusion engines to propel Earth out of the Solar System and into another habitable star system before the Sun engulfs the planet in 100 years. There was also the Lunar Escape Project, which planned to use three of these fusion engines to propel the Moon out of Earth’s orbit and reduce the latter’s gravitational pull. As a result, the Digital Life Project (DLP), which advocates for human civilization’s continuation via digital immortality via the development of mind uploading technology, has been shut down and banned by the UEG in the face of popular skepticism and growing violent protests.

Two of these fusion engines will be tested as part of the initial Moving Mountain Project phase; one will be installed as one of three Lunar Exile engines near a research base in the Moon’s Campanus Crater, while the other will be installed in Libreville, Gabon, next to the Space Elevator. However, in 2044, a group of terrorists backed by heavily armed DLP sympathizers attacked UEG facilities, leading to a coordinated hack of the elevator cars and a hacked drone attack on the space elevator. Their goal was to destroy the Ark Space Station, which supplied the lunar operation. UEG astronaut trainee Liu Peiqiang and his other trainees do manage to fight the hijackers on their vehicles, but only after one elevator is detonated by a missile used by the hijackers to avoid the cargo bay by using counterfeit passes. The outcome is a catastrophic failure of the space elevator and the destruction of the Ark Space station, which plummets to Earth.

As a result of this assault, many countries participating in the pilot program withdrew, enabling China to continue building the Moon and Earth engine on its own. Meanwhile on the Moon, computer engineer Tu Hengyu was roused from sleep as part of the Lunar Exile pilot program to receive a shipment of supplies, among them the latest model of the 550 Series quantum computer, which will be used to put the Lunar engine through its paces. Tu Hengyu, using what looks to be his own 550A, watches a digital recreation of his late daughter Tu Yaya, who perished in a vehicle accident five years before. Tu Hengyu, under the guidance of his mentor and project manager Ma Zhao, was able to record and save his daughter’s consciousness to a hard drive as part of the DLP before it was outlawed. Nevertheless, the 550A’s circuitry limits Yaya’s digital consciousness to only two minutes before it must restart. Tu Hengyu wanted to use the more modern 550C for this purpose, but Ma Zhao flatly refused. In a discussion with the other accompanied scientists, Tu Hengyu proposed using his 550A for the testing after the 550C was destroyed during shipment by a sudden solar storm. Because that he could one day be able to provide Yaya “a complete life,” Tu has asked Ma Zhao to include him in further 550 series development.

With the Moon engine’s successful test runs and the Earth engine’s succeeding test runs, the UEG has approved the Moving Mountain Project. Around 7,000 engines, including Torque engines that can halt Earth’s rotation, were constructed south of the Equator and north of it over the next 14 years. Cities were also constructed underground, one under each engine, to house regular people throughout the two-and-a-half-centuries-long interstellar voyage. However, according to the sortition plan, only half of the world’s inhabitants will be allowed to live in the underground cities. Meanwhile, Liu Peiqiang weds his coworker Han Duoduo and they have a son named Liu Qi. After the three lunar engines are operational, the Moving Mountain Project is rebranded as the Wandering Earth Project, and the Lunar Exile Project is launched.

Increases in solar radiation over time indicate that a solar catastrophe is drawing near. Han Duoduo was one of the many people around the world who developed cancer as a result of the radiation. The bad news continued when it was revealed that only Liu Peiqiang had been accepted into the underground towns, and that only their son Liu Qi could accompany him. In 2058, Liu Peiqiang submits his resume to the newly renamed Navigator ISS in the hopes of landing a job there and being a part of the preferential policy that will ensure Han Duoduo a place in the underground cities. As part of a personalized stress test, Liu Peiqiang became upset with a 550W, the latest and most advanced iteration of the 550 series, as it confirmed his family-oriented goals of working aboard the Navigator ISS during an interview. As one of the examiners, Tu Hengyu sees Liu Peiqiang’s rage develop and is reminded of the vehicle accident that took the life of his daughter. After 14 years of separation from his daughter and under the influence of Liu Peiqiang’s outburst, an old Tu Hengyu makes the decision to transfer Tu Yaya’s recorded consciousness into the 550W supercomputer still stored in the interview room. Upon completing this transfer, the Moon’s engines will immediately overload and explode, sending it hurtling toward Earth. Tu Hengyu was promptly taken into custody when his illegal upload was discovered.

The UEG’s backup plan for the “Lunar Fall disaster” entails detonating all of Earth’s nuclear weapons in a concentrated phased array on the Campanus Crater, which would cause nuclear fusion within the Moon’s core and cause it to implode. The planet will then be propelled away from the Moon debris by activating its 7000 Earth Engines. Nevertheless, the Earth Engines’ dedicated control network has not been finished because of how quickly the Moon Fall catastrophe arose. So, a plan was launched to reactivate the Internet, which had been shut down for quite some time, to use as a control network, by reactivating the Internet root server data centers in Tokyo, Beijing, and Dulles. While spending time in a Chinese prison, Tu Hengyu and his instructor Ma Zhao were summoned by the authorities to restart Beijing’s root server. With only a little window of time before the moon approaches the Roche limit and fractures into pieces that will destroy Earth, the counter for the Lunar Fall catastrophe faces many obstacles. When the spaceship Liu Peiqiang is aboard crashes into debris thrown into the air by the exploding Lunar engines, he barely escapes death. He takes the allotted nuclear weapons and uses the transport he finds in the decommissioned research facility to transfer the rest of his team back to the Navigator ISS, much to their chagrin. Meanwhile, the decoding process reaches a stalemate, prompting 300 elderly astronauts to self-immolate in order to manually detonate the nuclear weapons. After barely escaping the nuclear explosion, Liu pilots a capsule back to the Navigator ISS. At this point in time, lunar debris was already falling to Earth; one of these pieces hit Beijing’s data center dead on, drowning Ma Zhao within. As Tu Hengyu sees that he, too, is about to drown, he makes a copy of his recorded consciousness and sends it into the internet. After reuniting with Tu Yaya, his digital self successfully reboots the final Internet server in time, triggering the Earth’s mass engines and shifting the planet out of the path of the lunar debris. The Earth’s trajectory to Jupiter becomes the official departure point for the Wandering Earth Project.

In the middle of the credits, Tu’s digital persona receives a message from the 550W AI, now personified as “MOSS” (“550W” upside down). Every catastrophe that has ever hindered humanity’s efforts to save itself has been caused by the now-sentient supercomputer, and it will cause many more in the future.

The Wandering Earth II Movie Review

Movie name: The Wandering Earth II

The Wandering Earth II Movie Release Date: 2023-01-22

The Wandering Earth IIMovie Rating: 7.225/10

The Wandering Earth II Movie Cast

  • Liu Peiqiang (刘培强): Wu Jing
  • Zhang Peng (张鹏): Sha Yi
  • Hao Xiaoxi (郝晓希): Zhu-Yan Manzi
  • Zhou Zhezhi (周喆直): Li Xuejian
  • Mike: Andy Friend
  • Han Duoduo (韩朵朵): Wang Zhi
  • Herbert Copley: Kawawa Kadichi
  • Andrey Gerasinov: Vatilli Makarychev
  • Space Elevator Female Attacker: Clara Lee
  • Space Elevator Male Attacker A: Tony Nicholson
  • Space Elevator Male Attacker B: Vladimir Ershov
  • Korean Pilot: Li Ren
  • Tu Hengyu (图恒宇): Andy Lau
  • Tu Yaya (图丫丫): Wang Ruoxi
  • Ma Zhao (马兆): Ning Li
  • Wang Zhijian (王志坚): Zhang Yi
  • Tu Hengyu’s Wife: Tong Liya
  • Thai Astronaut: Ang Cin
  • Wedding Host: Guo Yiqian
  • TV Presenter: Wu Enxuan
  • 4-Year-Old Liu Qi: Liu Jiayun
  • Construction Worker 1: Ding Yanlai
  • Construction Worker 2: Gao Ang
  • Construction Worker 3: Andrew Yan Hua
  • Chinese Chief Coordinator: Huo Qing
  • Zhou Zhezhi’s Bodyguard: Liu Yin
  • Enthusiastic Passenger: Li Peidong
  • Emilia: Daniela Tassy
  • Diving Expert: Huang Jiyuan
  • Electrical Engineer: Zheng Chuyi
  • Chinese Father (Underground City): Yang Hongtao
  • Chinese Mother (Underground City): Wu Jingyi
  • Chinese Boy (Underground City): He Jinhelong
  • Chinese Girl (Underground City): He Jinhejin
  • Chinese Astronaut: Dashan Kong
  • Departure Hall Young Soldier: Fu Jiahao
  • Young Diplomat: Hu Xianxu
  • MakaRov: Valentin Vorobev
  • Young Man: Li Luqi
  • Liu Peiqiang’s Mother: Li Yiran
  • Liu Peiqiang’s Father: Zhou Qiang
  • Wang Hongwei: Wang Hongwei
  • Xu Jian: Eric Xu
  • Wang Sanshi: Wang Lei
  • Male Research Assistant: Wang Yitong
  • Pilot: Zhu Chaoyi
  • Interpreter: Zhao Yesuo

The Wandering Earth II Movie Crew

  • Co-Executive Producer: Wang Zhonglei
  • Editor: Nick Cheung
  • Presenter: Albert Yeung
  • Presenter: Wu Jing
  • Casting: Wayne Chang
  • Director: Frant Gwo
  • Stunt Coordinator: Andy Yan
  • Presenter: Wang Yibing
  • Producer: Gong Geer
  • Original Music Composer: Roc Chen
  • Costume Design: Hannah Kittell
  • First Assistant Camera: Govinda Angulo
  • Novel: Liu Cixin
  • Stunts: Ashleigh Awusie
  • Director of Photography: Liu Yin
  • Steadicam Operator: Geoffrey Jean-Baptiste
  • Props: Marco Wuest
  • Stunts: Fredrik Yderström
  • Presenter: Rao Xiaozhi
  • Producer: Liu Kailuo
  • Production Manager: Wang Hong
  • Screenplay: Yang Zhixue
  • Sound Supervisor: Wang Danrong
  • Screenplay: Ye Ruchang
  • Presenter: Yaping Li
  • Executive Producer: Fu Ruoqing
  • Property Master: Diego Quecano
  • Production Design: Hanrui Wang
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Han Cao
  • Manager of Operations: Luca Liang
  • Script Consultant: Wang Hongwei
  • Sound Designer: Zhu Yanfeng
  • Editor: Ye Xiang
  • Stunts: Sunny Vinsavich
  • First Assistant Camera: Josh Reyes
  • Location Assistant: Dash Porter
  • Second Assistant Director: Achille Vanderhaeghen
  • Assistant Property Master: Catherine Gubernick
  • Key Makeup Artist: Jeanna Canatsey
  • Data Wrangler: James Gott
  • Stunts: Joanna Carpenter
  • Assistant Camera: Tim Gilligan
  • Steadicam Operator: Tomasz Gryz
  • Second Assistant Camera: Chloe Locarro
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Dominick Pietrzak
  • Production Assistant: Anna Maues
  • Production Accountant: Jake Loff
  • Co-Executive Producer: Meng Jun
  • Co-Executive Producer: Wang Ke
  • Producer: Wu Xian
  • Presenter: Lu Jia
  • Presenter: Binxing Fu
  • Presenter: Xiangjin Yin

The Wandering Earth II Movie Trailer

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