The Trial Kajol Download All Episodes 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, Review

Download Episodes of The Trial in 480p, 720p, 1080p, or 4K: On Disney+ Hotstar on July 14, 2023, a new web series called “The Trial” will premiere in India. It was inspired by Robert King and Michelle King’s hit CBS show, The Good Wife.

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Kajol stars as Noyonika Sengupta, a lawyer who goes back to work when her husband, played by Jisshu Sengupta, becomes involved in a corruption case. Suparn Verma helms the film that Ajay Devgn, Deepak Dhar, Rajesh Chadha, and Parag Desai helped fund.

The Trial 2023

The Trial Kajol Download All Episodes 480p, 720p, 1080p, 4K, Review

A woman’s journey through the difficulties of juggling her personal and professional lives during a time of crisis is the center of The Trial, a Hindi web series that delivers a realistic and captivating portrayal of the Indian legal system.

The show, modeled after the successful American series The Good Wife, follows the story of Alicia Florrick (Juliana Margulies), a lawyer who returns to work after her husband Peter (Chris Noth) becomes embroiled in a sex and political corruption scandal.

The goal of the Indian version is to stay true to the spirit of the original while also appealing to the local culture.

The Trial Details

Series NameThe Trial
GenreLegal drama, Political drama
Directed bySuparn Verma
Written byHussain Dalal, Abbas Dalal, and Siddharth Kumar
Produced byAjay Devgn, Deepak Dhar, Rajesh Chadha, and Parag Desai
Edited by
StarringIMDb rating
CinematographyManoj Soni
Production CompaniesBanijay Asia, Ajay Devgn FFilms
Distributed byDisney+ Hotstar
Release dateJuly 14, 2023
IMdb rating

The Trial Web Series Cast

KajolNoyonika Sengupta
Jisshu SenguptaRajeev Sengupta
Kubbra SaitSana
Sheeba ChaddhaMalini Khanna
Alyy KhanVishal
Gaurav PandeyDhiraj Paswan
Vijay Vikram Singh
Swayam JoshiSchool Kid
Haelyn Shastri
Sheena ChohanJasmine
Aamir Ali
Pradeep Bajpai
Avinash Shyam Kishore
Bharat Mishra

Some of India’s best actors, both in film and on television, are featured in The Trial. Kajol plays the lead role of Noyonika Sengupta in her first web series.

Vijay Vikram Singh, Swayam Joshi, Haelyn Shastri, Sheena Chohan, Nirbhay Jain, and Nancy Gill all appear in the series in smaller roles.

The Trial Hindi Web Series Release Date and Time

The premiere of The Trial, which has been much anticipated, will take place on Disney+ Hotstar on July 14, 2023. The fascinating storyline of this 10-part series is sure to keep viewers enthralled. Those who pay to use the service will have access to every episode whenever they like.

The series will be shown in Hindi with subtitles in English, French, and German so that it can be enjoyed by a wider audience around the world. The Trial’s intriguing world will now be accessible to viewers in India and other countries with Disney+ Hotstar. In other words, you’re in for a show that will blow your mind.

The Trial Disney+ Hotstar Trailer

On June 12, 2023, the first trailer for The Trial was released on the official YouTube channel for Disney+ Hotstar VIP, giving viewers a tantalizing taste of the show’s gripping plot, captivating characters, and engrossing tension. Kajol’s exceptional performance as the film’s protagonist, Noyonika Sengupta, is on full display here.

The trailer has received mostly excellent reviews from critics and audiences alike, who have praised the film’s directing, adaptation, and performances. The Indian adaptation of The Good Wife has sparked intense interest from viewers who want to know how it stacks up to the American version. Prepare to be riveted by the exciting story of The Trial.

The Trial Web Series Story

When her politician husband, Rajeev Sengupta, is jailed for his alleged involvement in a big scandal, Noyonika Sengupta, the protagonist of The Trial, decides to return to her former career as a lawyer. Noyonika works in a law practice run by her friend Malini Khanna, where she faces issues that put her to the test as a lawyer and as a person.

Noyonika’s personal life is also affected by her husband’s scandal, and she must deal with the responses of her children, her affections for her former boss Vishal, and her own road to becoming an independent woman alongside her professional journey.

The Trial was inspired by the hit American drama The Good Wife, which also explored the controversies involving high-profile politicians in the United States. This Indian rendition stays true to the spirit of the source material while adding a distinctively Indian flavor.

Law, politics, the media, ethics, feminism, family, love, and betrayal are just some of the topics that will be explored in this compelling and thought-provoking series. The Trial has the potential to capture and engage an Indian audience with its assured storytelling and poignant setting, providing a new and riveting perspective on the tangled web of power and relationships.

The series delves into the Indian legal system and sheds light on the difficulties faced by both attorneys and their clients. It uses actual events to explore serious social problems. It offers a captivating portrait of the legal world by digging into realistic events.

How do I watch The Trial Web Series Online?

A Disney+ Hotstar subscription is required to stream The Trial online. It has a wide range of programming, from movies and TV shows to sports and news. The VIP plan on Disney+ Hotstar costs 399 Indian Rupees per year, and the Premium plan costs 1499 Indian Rupees per year (or 299 Indian Rupees per month) and includes access to both Indian and international content, such as Disney+ originals and Hollywood films and television shows.

Only Disney+ Hotstar VIP and Premium subscribers can stream the Trial.

Here are the measures one must take to view The Trial on the internet:

  • To learn more about Disney+ Hotstar, check out their official site or get the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.
  • Enter your email address or mobile number to sign up or log in.
  • Pick a subscription tier that works for your needs and your wallet.
  • You can pay for your subscription using any major credit or debit card, internet banking, UPI, or digital wallet.
  • Find The Trial by searching the site or exploring the many sections.
  • Start streaming the show by clicking on it.

The Trial of Kajol: All Episodes Download

Audiences all over the world have been captivated by the crime drama The Trial Web Series. The story follows the efforts of John Stone and his legal team as they attempt to make sense of the American legal system. This show has been getting a lot of attention because of its intriguing storylines, multifaceted characters, and realistic courtroom drama. It’s no surprise that people want to stream it online, given how popular it is.

The best quality version of The Trial can be obtained by downloading it from an official source. You can also view it on your computer, iPad, or smartphone.

The Trial can also be streamed on mobile devices for those who want to watch it while they’re on the go. You can watch the show whenever you want thanks to its availability on Android and iOS smartphones.

Is The Trial based on a true story?

The Trial, while not based on a true story, draws inspiration from the American drama The Good Wife, which was itself influenced by real-life scandals involving American politicians.

Who are the makers of The Trial?

Suparn Verma is in charge of directing The Trial. Starring Ajay Devgn, Deepak Dhar, Rajesh Chadha, and Parag Desai, the film is a co-production between Ajay Devgn Films and Banijay Asia. Hussain Dalal, Abbas Dalal, and Siddharth Kumar are the show’s writers.

How many episodes are there in The Trial?

On July 14, 2023, Disney+ Hotstar will premiere all ten episodes of The Trial. Between forty and fifty minutes will pass between episodes.


The Trial is an upcoming Indian web series that will air on Disney+ Hotstar on July 14, 2023, and is currently available for download. Featuring Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a lawyer who returns to her job when her husband, Peter Florrick, becomes caught in a controversy, this is based on the critically popular American legal and political drama The Good Wife.

The series presents a compelling and realistic depiction of the Indian judicial system, exploring issues of law, politics, the media, ethics, and feminism.

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