The Flash Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

The Flash Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer: After changing the future in an attempt to protect his loved ones, Barry Allen finds himself stuck in a world where General Zod is alive and well and there are no Super Heroes left to save him. Barry’s last chance to preserve the world he’s in and get back to the future he knows is

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The Flash Movie

The Flash Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

The Flash Movie Story

After assisting Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince in foiling a botched robbery in Gotham City, Barry Allen returns to his childhood home to reflect on his time spent there with his parents, Nora and Henry, before Henry was wrongfully convicted of Nora’s murder and sent to prison. [a] Barry uses the Speed Force to go back in time to tell Bruce about his emotional breakdown, but he ends up going back in time to earlier in the day. Bruce warns Barry that time travel can have unexpected repercussions, but Barry ignores him and goes back to the day Nora was killed to stop it from happening. In an alternate reality, Nora is still alive in 2013 when Barry tries to return to the present and is knocked out of the Speed Force by another speedster. The day he first gained his abilities has arrived, and he meets his younger self there.

At the Central City Police Department, Barry takes his younger self from the year 2013 and has him get hit by lightning, recreating the incident that gave him his abilities. The lightning strikes both Barrys, granting 2013-Barry his powers while stripping Barry of his own. Barry strives to teach 2013-Barry how to use his powers while simultaneously watching a broadcast from an invading General Zod. [b] The Barrys try to form the Justice League but fail since Diana is never to be found, Victor Stone hasn’t developed his powers yet, and Arthur Curry was never born in this era. The pair visits Wayne Manor in search of Bruce but encounters an elder version of the Batcave hero who has given up crimefighting for good. Bruce presents the multiverse theory, showing that changing the past through time travel impacts not only the future. It’s up to the two Barrys to persuade Bruce to join their search for Kal-El.

In order to find a Kryptonian pod that was supposedly unearthed in Siberia, Barry and Bruce employ the Batcomputer. Instead of Kal-El, they run upon his cousin Kara Zor-El. After saving Kara from the facility, Barry enlists Bruce’s aid in reenacting the initial accident in order to regain his abilities. After two failed and nearly fatal efforts, Kara flies Barry into the storm, where he is struck by lightning for a third time and regains his abilities. Along with the two Barrys, Kara and Bruce take on Zod’s army. During their fight, Zod reveals that the Codex necessary to repopulate Krypton is within Kara, and she discovers that Zod killed a newborn Kal-El when he tried to intercept his escape pod and collect the Codex. Bruce sacrifices himself in a futile attempt to destroy a Kryptonian ship, while Zod kills Kara and steals the Codex from her blood.

The two Barrys try to modify the future so they can save their friends from certain deaths, but their efforts are futile. Even though Barry in 2013 knows they can’t save them, he keeps trying anyhow, making numerous trips back in time. The farther 2013-Barry travels, the more the universes begin to fold in on themselves. The corrupted speedster who pushed Barry out of the Speed Force in the first place eventually returns, and it turns out to be a future version of Barry from 2013 who is still hopeful he can save the world from Zod and save Bruce and Kara from being killed. He explains the conundrum of the causal loop that lead to his own birth, but he becomes enraged when Barry says he plans to undo the timeline modifications by allowing Nora’s death. The evil speedster tries to kill Barry, but 2013-Barry impales him instead, allowing Barry to escape death and erasing his future self from existence.

Eventually, Barry reverses his timeline modifications and accepts Nora’s death, but not before making a little alteration in the past to produce new proof in the current day demonstrating Henry’s innocence. Bruce, whose appearance has altered again as a result of Barry’s activities, contacts him after he returns to the present and helps to exonerate Henry.

The Flash Movie Review

Movie name: The Flash

The Flash Movie Release Date: 2023-06-13

The FlashMovie Rating: 6.944/10

The Flash Movie Cast

  • Barry Allen / The Flash: Ezra Miller
  • Kara Zor-El / Supergirl: Sasha Calle
  • Bruce Wayne / Batman: Michael Keaton
  • General Zod: Michael Shannon
  • Henry Allen: Ron Livingston
  • Nora Allen: Maribel Verdú
  • Iris West: Kiersey Clemons
  • Faora-Ul: Antje Traue
  • Patty Spivot: Saoirse-Monica Jackson
  • Albert Desmond: Rudy Mancuso
  • Court Reporter: Ed Wade
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Jeremy Irons
  • Thomas Curry: Temuera Morrison
  • David Singh: Sanjeev Bhaskar
  • Gary: Sean Rogers
  • Sandwich Guy: Kieran Hodgson
  • Al Falcone: Luke Brandon Field
  • Kid Barry: Ian Loh
  • Henry’s Lawyer: Karl Collins
  • Pizza Guy: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Flash Fan: Poppy Shepherd
  • Flash Fan: Nina Barker-Francis
  • Flash Fan: Ava Hamada
  • Flash Fan: Maurice Chung
  • Baby Nurse: Florence Wright
  • Tony’s Son: Bastian Antonio Fuentes
  • Tony: Andoni Gracia
  • Security Guard: Alex Hank
  • Crying Toddler: Miki Muschietti
  • Toddler’s Mother: Rebecca Hiller
  • Falcone’s Crew: Rob Hunt
  • Falcone’s Crew: Jonny Stockwell
  • Falcone’s Crew: Michael Byrch
  • Neighbour with Dog: Bret Jones
  • Neighbour with Dog: Sue Maund
  • Russian Captain: Alex Batareanu
  • Russian Guard: Andrei Nova
  • Head Scientist: Gabriel Constantin
  • Scientist: Oleg Mirochnikov
  • Scientist: Katia Elizarova
  • Scientist: Denis Khoroshko
  • Scientist: Zsuzsa Magyar
  • Scientist: Michael Lerman
  • Thomas Curry’s Wife: Rosie Ede
  • Hot Dog Reporter: Andy Muschietti
  • Metropolis Reporter: Ellie Rawnsley
  • Gotham Reporter: Greg Lockett
  • Gotham Reporter: Chelsea Leigh Macleod
  • Staff Nurse: Leslie Soo
  • Woman in Park: Freya Evans
  • Woman with Shopping Cart: Sue Moore
  • Judge: Lynn Farleigh
  • Ambulance Driver: Martin Pemberton
  • Magician: Sarah Lawn
  • Batman Suit Performer: David Calvitto
  • Bruce Wayne / Batman (uncredited): Ben Affleck
  • Diana Prince / Wonder Woman (uncredited): Gal Gadot
  • Superman (uncredited): Nicolas Cage
  • Bruce Wayne (uncredited): George Clooney
  • Arthur Curry / Aquaman (uncredited): Jason Momoa

The Flash Movie Crew

  • Thanks: Frank Miller
  • Characters: Bob Kane
  • Makeup Artist: Carmel Jackson
  • Art Direction: Steven Lawrence
  • Utility Stunts: Talila Craig
  • Stunt Coordinator: Eunice Huthart
  • Original Music Composer: Benjamin Wallfisch
  • Thanks: Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
  • Costume Design: Alexandra Byrne
  • Thanks: Jack White
  • Thanks: Rob Cowan
  • Executive Producer: Toby Emmerich
  • Director of Photography: Henry Braham
  • Art Direction: Julia Dehoff
  • Production Design: Paul D. Austerberry
  • Executive Producer: Walter Hamada
  • Screenstory: John Francis Daley
  • Editor: Jason Ballantine
  • Makeup Designer: Victoria Down
  • Screenstory: Joby Harold
  • Thanks: Mark Millar
  • Thanks: Marv Wolfman
  • Thanks: Cary Bates
  • Characters: Bill Finger
  • Thanks: Geoff Johns
  • Casting: Rich Delia
  • Thanks: Jeffrey Wetzel
  • Supervising Art Director: Jason Knox-Johnston
  • Set Decoration: Dominic Capon
  • Editor: Paul Machliss
  • Thanks: Otto Binder
  • Thanks: Al Plastino
  • Producer: Bárbara Muschietti
  • Director: Andy Muschietti
  • Makeup Artist: Mike Smithson
  • Thanks: Mort Weisinger
  • Characters: William Moulton Marston
  • Screenstory: Jonathan Goldstein
  • Sound Designer: Brandon Jones
  • Thanks: Andy Kubert
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Nancy Nugent
  • Thanks: Jerry Robinson
  • Characters: Gardner Fox
  • Art Direction: Marco Anton Restivo
  • Stunt Double: Kenny Knight
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Brad Minnich
  • Producer: Michael Disco
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: John ‘D.J.’ Des Jardin
  • Visual Effects Producer: Tamara Watts Kent
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Bryan Hirota
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Andrew Lockley
  • Sound Effects Editor: Greg ten Bosch
  • Stunt Coordinator: Isaac Hamon
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Scott Vosbury
  • Screenplay: Christina Hodson
  • Assistant Art Director: Paul Savulescu
  • Casting: Kate Ringsell
  • Co-Producer: Michael Lerman
  • Executive Producer: Marianne Jenkins
  • Stunt Driver: Lee Millham
  • Sound Effects Editor: Randy Torres
  • Thanks: Paul Norris
  • Characters: Harry Lampert
  • Thanks: George Pérez
  • Thanks: John Broome
  • Characters: Carmine Infantino
  • Stunt Driver: Joel Conlan
  • Assistant Art Director: Will Houghton-Connell
  • Makeup Artist: Emmy Beech
  • Makeup Artist: Marzenna Fus-Mickiewicz
  • Makeup Supervisor: Gabor Kerekes
  • Characters: Robert Kanigher
  • Thanks: Curt Swan
  • Thanks: Dick Sprang
  • Stunt Driver: Paul Bailey
  • Stunts: Elizabeth Donker Curtius
  • Stunt Driver: Matt Sherren
  • Set Dresser: Felicity Hickman
  • Stunt Driver: Aidan Brindle
  • Thanks: Matías Lértora
  • Executive Producer: Galen Vaisman
  • Stunt Double: Liam Coote
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Leonardo Costa
  • Stunt Double: Adam Bowman
  • Stunt Double: Claudia Heinz
  • Thanks: David Mazzucchelli
  • Stunt Double: Joseph Paxton
  • Assistant Art Director: Dominique Law
  • Art Direction: Laura Mickiewicz
  • Thanks: Ramona Fradon
  • Thanks: Scott Kolins
  • Set Costumer: Katie Jones
  • Thanks: Irv Novick
  • Thanks: Francis Manapul
  • Thanks: Harry G. Peter
  • Stunt Double: Ashley Beck
  • Stunt Double: Rick English
  • Thanks: Mike Baron
  • Assistant Art Director: Christine Lois
  • Standby Art Director: Sian Midgley
  • Music Supervisor: Kim Baum
  • Thanks: Dave Johnson
  • Thanks: Joe Quinones

The Flash Movie Trailer

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