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Sky Movies and Vimeo are two distinct companies in the entertainment business. A quick summary of each follows.

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Sky Movies Vimeo

Sky Movies (Now known as Sky Cinema):

Sky, a major U.K. telecommunications provider, now offers Sky Cinema, a premium movie streaming service formerly known as Sky Movies. It has a huge library of movies available on demand, including new releases, old favorites, and films suitable for the whole family. Movies in the Sky Cinema collection are available on-demand to subscribers who have either a Sky TV subscription or download the Sky Cinema app.


Vimeo is a video sharing website where users may publish, share, and discover videos from other users and the website’s database. Vimeo, in contrast to Sky Cinema, does not prioritize providing popular films like those produced by Hollywood. Instead, it serves as a platform for unaffiliated filmmakers, artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators to reach a worldwide audience. With a platform that facilitates both private and public video sharing, Vimeo has quickly gained popularity as a place to showcase artistic and creative works.

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Sky Cinema (Sky Movies) does not yet have any formal partnership with Vimeo. In the realm of digital entertainment, they each have their own unique functions. Whereas Sky Cinema mostly shows licensed film material, Vimeo features content from users and independent filmmakers.

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