Sisu Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Sisu Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer: When Aatami Korpi encounters a Nazi patrol while digging for gold in the Lappish forest, the pursuit that follows is both spectacular and gold-hungry.

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Sisu Movie

Sisu Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Sisu Movie Story

Aatami Korpi is prospecting in the Lappish wilderness in late 1944, accompanied only by his trusty Bedlington Terrier and horse. He finds a gold mine and hauls off a lot of gold before making his way to Rovaniemi. A big Waffen SS platoon led by the brutal SS Obersturmführer Bruno Helldorf is destroying towns and capturing Finnish women as they escape to Norway, and Aatami happens across them along the route. Helldorf shows little interest in Aatami and allows him to go by without stopping. Another squad of soldiers soon confronts Aatami after learning of the wealth in his saddlebags, but he quickly disposes of them all. When Helldorf goes to investigate the sound of shooting, he finds the scene of the carnage as well as one of Aatami’s gold nuggets.

Aatami’s horse is destroyed by a landmine as Helldorf and his tank follow him to the edge of a minefield. After Aatami has gathered all of his wealth, he sets off another mine to flee. Four troops are dispatched in pursuit of him, but they are killed by mines almost immediately. In response, Helldorf sends two of the captured ladies on ahead to clear the way. Helldorf’s second-in-command Wolf finds out about Aatami’s history over the radio after obtaining the latter’s dog tag. The Winter War commando Aatami became a vindictive “one-man death squad” known as Koschei after he lost his family in battle (“the Immortal”). To pursue Aatami and seize the gold, Helldorf disobeys his commander’s instructions to continue withdrawing.

The Germans send out hounds to locate Aatami. Before dousing himself in gasoline stolen from one of the Nazi trucks, Aatami chases away his own dog. Aatami is discovered by the soldiers, and he immediately jumps into the lake. Helldorf sent a trio of troops onto the lake in a canoe, but Aatami drowns two of them by cutting their throats and sucking in the air that escapes. Wolf kills the last remaining German soldier because he tried to escape. Once Aatami reaches the riverbed, he hides behind the dead soldier. Helldorf finds Aatami’s dog on the other side of the river.

Aatami finds the city of Rovaniemi in flames and seeks refuge in the charred remains of a gas station. Helldorf sends Aatami’s dog after him, but this time the dog’s collar is rigged with a lit stick of dynamite. Aatami manages to save his dog from the dynamite blast, but he is himself injured. Aatami is hung by Helldorf, Wolf, and tank driver Schütze, who steal his gold and leave him for dead; nevertheless, Aatami is able to save himself by hooking his wounds onto protruding rebar. Later on, a couple of German pilots come down to the ground in quest of fuel. The engineer is killed, and Aatami orders the remaining pilot to take him ahead of Helldorf’s unit.

As they continue on their way, Helldorf finds the deserted plane and the pilot hanging from the same rope Wolf used on Aatami. As the convoy moves on, Aatami boards the truck where the hostages are being held, murders their guards, and arms the captives. The women’s de facto leader, Aino, takes control of one of the trucks and uses it to transport Aatami to the top of Helldorf’s tank, where she can fire her weapons as the other women kill the remaining soldiers. The women are left to fend for themselves when Aatami rescues Wolf from the tank. After killing Schütze, Helldorf boards a German plane and takes off with the pilot. Aatami shoots at the plane, killing the pilot, and then boards it midair with a pickaxe. Helldorf and Aatami fight each other with their bare hands; when Helldorf gains the upper hand, Aatami quickly attaches a static wire to a bomb and detonates it, killing Helldorf instantly. Aatami buckles himself in as the plane plunges into the swamp after learning that the pilot had already died.

The freed women, led by Aino, have taken control of the German tank and are delivering a defeated Wolf to a shocked Finnish squad. Aatami emerges from the marsh, finds his dog, and then travels to a war-torn Helsinki. He walks into a bank, approaches a teller, and, before uttering a single word, empties his satchels of gold in exchange for cash.

Sisu Movie Review

Movie name: Sisu

Sisu Movie Release Date: 2023-01-27

SisuMovie Rating: 7.496/10

Sisu Movie Cast

  • Aatami: Jorma Tommila
  • Bruno: Aksel Hennie
  • Wolf: Jack Doolan
  • Aino: Mimosa Willamo
  • Schütze: Onni Tommila
  • SS Soldier 1: Tatu Sinisalo
  • Rower: Arttu Kapulainen
  • Saara: Elina Saarela
  • Fighter Pilot: Ilkka Koivula
  • Engineer: Max Ovaska
  • Personnel Truck Driver: Joel Hirvonen
  • Pilot: Pekka Huotari
  • Troop Leader: Severi Saarinen
  • Bank Teller: Aamu Milonoff
  • SS Soldier 4: Vincent Willestrand
  • SS Soldier 3: Wilhelm Enckell
  • SS Soldier: Joonas Brilli
  • SS Soldier: Nicholas Francett
  • SS Soldier: Kevin Francett
  • SS Soldier: Eemeli Franssi
  • SS Soldier: Jussi Kaila
  • SS Soldier: Jarkko Klemetti
  • SS Soldier: Henri Koljonen
  • SS Soldier: Pekka Laakso
  • SS Soldier: Martti Näätä Leinonen
  • SS Soldier: Joosua Oja
  • SS Soldier: Pietari Paappanen
  • SS Soldier: Oskari Skyttä
  • Gunner: Tomi Lampinen
  • Woman Prisoner: Mila Leppälä
  • Woman Prisoner: Jasmi Mäenpää
  • Woman Prisoner: Nora Nevia
  • Woman Prisoner: Jenna Tyni
  • Dead SS Soldier: Anssi-Pekka Fredriksson
  • Dead SS Soldier: Jarmo Hietamäki
  • Prisoner Truck Driver: Wellu Mikkonen
  • Finnish Soldier: Akseli Hakovirta
  • Finnish Soldier: Juho-Lauri Hakovirta
  • Finnish Soldier: Iisko Hirvasvuopio
  • Finnish Soldier: Sakari Maliniemi
  • Finnish Soldier: Jukka Vuorela
  • Guard: Ari Joki
  • Guard: Nikita Makkojev
  • Assistant Bank Teller: Jasmin Valjas
  • Assistant Bank Teller: Linnea Vilppunen
  • Bank Customer: Hannu Anttila
  • Bank Customer: Mario Esposito
  • Bank Customer: Tarmo Hassinen
  • Bank Customer: Miia Heikkinen
  • Bank Customer: Kimmo Henriksson
  • Bank Customer: Arto Kairajärvi
  • Bank Customer: Risto Korhonen
  • Bank Customer: Mirva Korvala
  • Bank Customer: Steven Madlin
  • Bank Customer: Julia Malmsten
  • Bank Customer: Annika Moisio
  • Bank Customer: Kari Parkkinen
  • Bank Customer: Tommi Pelkonen
  • Bank Customer: Arto Peltomäki
  • Bank Customer: Leena Sormunen
  • Bank Customer: Pekka Virkkunen
  • Bank Customer: Jukka Virtanen
  • Ukko: Tinwelindon Belbog

Sisu Movie Crew

  • Pyrotechnician: Mitch Toles
  • Writer: Jalmari Helander
  • Graphic Designer: Juuso Helander
  • Dramaturgy: Petri Jokiranta
  • Musician: Juri Seppä
  • Director of Photography: Kjell Lagerroos
  • Visual Effects Producer: Antti Kulmala
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Konsta Mannerheimo
  • Line Producer: Sirkka Rautiainen
  • First Assistant Camera: Andrus Prikk
  • Casting Director: Martin Ware
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Olli Pärnänen
  • First Assistant Camera: Jan Granström
  • “A” Camera Operator: Siim-Kaarel Saluri
  • Costume Design: Anna Vilppunen
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Salla Yli-Luopa
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Filip Popov
  • Musician: Tuomas Wäinölä
  • Underwater Director of Photography: Teemu Liakka
  • Stunt Double: Oula Kitti
  • Production Design: Otso Linnalaakso
  • Boom Operator: Joona Jaakkola
  • Executive Producer: Gregory Ouanhon
  • ADR Recordist: Daniel Lindvik
  • First Assistant Director: Tuula Nikkola
  • Compositing Supervisor: Ari Huuskonen
  • Sound: Panu Riikonen
  • Digital Compositor: Konstantin Dimitrov
  • Dialect Coach: Simone Dietrich
  • Executive Producer: Mike Goodridge
  • Sound Editor: Ville Katajala
  • Sound Recordist: Toni Teivaala
  • First Assistant Director: Jani Pinomaa
  • ADR Supervisor: Vesa Meriläinen
  • Sound Recordist: Ilkka Herkman
  • Post Producer: Petteri Linnus
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Nikolay Gerjikov
  • Drone Pilot: Marco Godles
  • Set Costumer: Elina Ström
  • VFX Supervisor: Jussi Lehtiniemi
  • Prosthetic Makeup Artist: Tytti Vaaleri
  • “B” Camera Operator: Ari Virem
  • Electrician: Jouni Välitalo
  • Unit Publicist: Ellen Steers
  • Stunt Double: Marko Keskitalo
  • Special Effects Technician: Tuomas Helminen
  • Special Effects Manager: Jakke Huovinen
  • Special Effects Technician: Raine Toikkanen
  • Best Boy Grip: Tim Roels
  • Executive Producer: Antonio Salas
  • Foley Recordist: Petri Kärkkäinen
  • Editor: Juho Virolainen
  • VFX Editor: Jukka Kiiski
  • Prosthetic Makeup Artist: Jenni Aejmelaeus-Pyysing
  • Key Grip: Aki Ruostepuro
  • Second Assistant Camera: Nelli Nyman
  • First Assistant “B” Camera: Janina Witkowski
  • Second Assistant Director: Olli Kasper
  • Costumer: Riina Hyypiä
  • Translator: Petra Rossi
  • Foley Artist: Vili Laitinen
  • Makeup Artist: Clara Bourgeot
  • Musician: Riikka Lampinen
  • Special Effects Assistant: Anssi-Pekka Fredriksson
  • Special Effects Assistant: Jarmo Hietamäki
  • On Set Props: Jasmin Valjas
  • Extras Casting: Minna Hyypiö
  • Extras Casting: Pia Nurmi
  • Sound Mixer: Henkka Niemistö
  • Musician: Mongo Aaltonen
  • Musician: Elina Tyni
  • Musician: Sara Puljula
  • Sound Mixer: Arttu Peljo
  • Visual Effects Producer: Ville Kaasalainen
  • Lead Animator: Mikko Monto
  • First Assistant “B” Camera: Aaro Visala
  • Aerial Camera: Teppo Salonen
  • Drone Cinematographer: Tomi Stenqvist
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Mikko Hyyti
  • Boom Operator: Fredrik Winberg
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Liisa Lähdeaho
  • ADR Coordinator: Emily Bowyer
  • Digital Compositor: Ondrej Podzimek
  • Stunts: Iiro Heikkilä
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Juha-Pekka Aaltonen
  • Second Assistant Camera: Eepu Näsi
  • Seamstress: Anja Behm
  • Costume Assistant: Hilma Heinonen
  • Costumer: Riikka Mäntymaa
  • Set Costumer: Teija Rissanen
  • Location Assistant: Jori Hämäläinen
  • Location Manager: Pauli Kairismaa
  • Production Coordinator: Nina Erwes
  • Art Direction: Ahti Pursiainen
  • Special Effects Technician: Amin Kassam
  • Still Photographer: Antti Rastivo
  • Colorist: Henri Pulla

Sisu Movie Trailer

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