Shaheed (1965) Movie Full Story Director Cast and Release Date

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When it comes to movies, there are certain key details that all movie enthusiasts eagerly look out for. Among these details are the director, cast, and release date. These pieces of information provide valuable insight into the overall quality and anticipation surrounding a particular film. In this article, we will delve deeper into the significance of these factors and discuss how they contribute to the success and popularity of a movie. Additionally, we will create a table to showcase these details and answer some frequently asked questions related to them.

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The Director

The director of a film plays a vital role in capturing the vision and bringing a story to life. They are responsible for controlling the artistic and dramatic aspects of the movie, including guiding the actors, choosing the appropriate camera angles, and overseeing the overall production. The director’s unique style and approach can heavily influence the tone and experience of the film.

A talented director possesses creativity, a keen eye for detail, and exceptional leadership skills. Their previous works often serve as a testament to their expertise and artistic sensibilities. Some renowned directors who have revolutionized the film industry include Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino.

The Cast

The cast of a movie refers to the actors who bring the characters to life on screen. The right cast can make or break a film, as their performances contribute significantly to the overall success and impact of the story. A well-chosen cast can effectively convey emotions, capture the essence of the characters, and engage the audience in a compelling manner.

Casting directors play a crucial role in selecting the perfect actors for each role. They consider factors such as talent, on-screen chemistry, and suitability for the character. The cast may comprise of established actors, up-and-coming stars, or even new faces, depending on the requirements of the script.

Release Date

The release date of a movie is a strategic decision made by the production company. It determines when the film will hit theaters or be made available for streaming. A well-thought-out release date can maximize the movie’s visibility, capture the target audience’s attention, and generate significant buzz, ultimately impacting box office performance.

Studios carefully analyze various factors before deciding on a release date. They consider competition from other films, holidays, and potential conflicts with major events. Additionally, release dates are often preferred during certain seasons to capitalize on specific trends or themes associated with that time.

Table: Director, Cast, Release Date

DirectorCastRelease Date
Christopher NolanLeonardo DiCaprio, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen PageJuly 16, 2010
Quentin TarantinoBrad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Margot RobbieJuly 26, 2019
Greta GerwigSaoirse Ronan, Emma Watson, Florence PughDecember 25, 2019


Q: Why is the director important in a film?

A: The director is crucial as they bring the script to life, shaping the artistic vision and overseeing various aspects of production.

Q: How are actors chosen for a film?

A: Casting directors assess actors’ suitability for specific roles based on talent, chemistry, and character requirements.

Q: Why is the release date of a movie significant?

A: The release date affects a movie’s visibility, competition, and potential success at the box office.

Q: What are some notable examples of successful movie directors?

A: Renowned directors such as Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino have made a significant impact on the movie industry through their unique styles and exceptional storytelling abilities.


The director, cast, and release date are all crucial elements that contribute to the success and popularity of a movie. The director’s artistic vision, the performances of the cast, and the strategic release date all play significant roles in shaping audience expectations and determining the film’s box office performance. By understanding the importance of these factors, movie enthusiasts gain a deeper appreciation for the creative process behind their favorite movies.

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