Scream VI All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

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Scream VI All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Scream VI All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Scream VI Story

Professor Laura Crane of Blackmore University is murdered by her student Jason Carvey while dressed as Ghostface one year after the Woodsboro killings planned by Richie Kirsch and Amber Freeman. To complete the “movie” that Richie and Amber intended to produce, Jason and his roommate Greg plan to murder Sam and Tara Carpenter. A different Ghostface, however, calls Jason after Greg’s murder and then proceeds to stab Jason to death.

Tara is currently enrolled at Blackmore University with other survivors Chad and Mindy Meeks-Martin, Quinn Bailey, Mindy’s girlfriend Anika Kayoko, and Chad’s roommate Ethan Landry. Sam and Tara have relocated to New York City. Sam is shunned by society after a viral internet theory claimed she was the real murder mastermind. After attacking the sisters, Ghostface leaves behind a mask similar to the one he wore during the 2011 murders in Woodsboro.

Quinn’s detective father, Wayne Bailey, an FBI special agent named Kirby Reed who survived the 2011 killings, and a reporter named Gale Weathers who claims to have spoken to Sidney Prescott and has gone into hiding to protect her family all meet the sisters at the NYPD police station. Sam’s therapist is killed by Ghostface, who also absconds with Sam’s paperwork and the mask he used in the Hollywood murders.

Mindy hypothesizes that the murderer is operating under the principle of film franchises, according to which any character’s death does not end the series. When the group visits the sisters’ apartment, Ghostface attacks, supposedly killing Quinn and Anika. Ghostface abandons a mask he used during the massacre at Windsor College, and Sam’s boyfriend Danny aids the others in their escape. During their investigation, Gale brings them to a theater she discovered that has been turned into a shrine to the Ghostface murders, with several artifacts of evidence from prior atrocities exhibited like movie props.

After killing Gale’s boyfriend Brooks and beating her, Ghostface phones Gale at her apartment to harass her about Dewey Riley’s death. Gale is transported to the hospital after Sam and Tara arrive in time to prevent Ghostface from killing him. They decide to meet Kirby at the theater and catch Ghostface. Ghostface stabs Mindy on the subway.

Sam had a vision of her real-life father, the original Ghostface killer Billy Loomis, while at the movies. Grabbing the murderer’s knife, she finds that they are indeed trapped within. Chad is suddenly confronted by two ghostly figures. Wayne and Kirby show up with their weapons out. Wayne tries to provide credibility to Kirby’s alibi, but ends up shooting her and reveals himself as a third Ghostface and the mastermind; his children, Ethan and a still-alive Quinn, who faked her death to alleviate suspicion, are revealed to be his accomplices.

The trio reveals themselves to be Richie’s loved ones, out for revenge after his untimely demise. They’re the ones who spread rumors about Sam online and want to use her as a scapegoat for their murder spree. Sam and Tara eventually overpower the Baileys, with Tara stabbing Ethan and Sam shooting and murdering Quinn while briefly knocking out Wayne. Sam puts on her father’s Ghostface mask, has Tara use the voice changer to mock Wayne over the phone, and then brutally kills Wayne with a knife. As Ethan reappears, Kirby kills him by smashing the TV that had previously killed Stu Macher[b] over his head.

Sam concedes to Tara’s request for more freedom in her life, and she accepts the offer of psychological counseling. Sam looks at her father’s Ghostface mask as Mindy, Chad, and Kirby are transported to the hospital. She then tosses it aside and follows Tara into the city.

Scream VI Movie Review

Movie name: Scream VI

Scream VI Movie Release Date: 2023-03-08

Scream VIMovie Rating: 7.217/10

Scream VI Movie Cast

  • Sam Carpenter: Melissa Barrera
  • Tara Carpenter: Jenna Ortega
  • Mindy Meeks-Martin: Jasmin Savoy Brown
  • Chad Meeks-Martin: Mason Gooding
  • Ethan Landry: Jack Champion
  • ‘The Voice’ (voice): Roger Jackson
  • Quinn Bailey: Liana Liberato
  • Detective Bailey: Dermot Mulroney
  • Anika Kayoko: Devyn Nekoda
  • Danny Brackett: Josh Segarra
  • Kirby Reed: Hayden Panettiere
  • Dr. Christopher Stone: Henry Czerny
  • Jason Carvey: Tony Revolori
  • Billy Loomis: Skeet Ulrich
  • Laura Crane: Samara Weaving
  • Gale Weathers: Courteney Cox
  • Paul 2.0: Matthew Giuffrida
  • Frankie: Andre Anthony
  • Brooks: Thomas Cadrot
  • TV Reporter: Barry Morgan
  • Restaurant Hostess: Chanel Mings
  • Frat Party Girl: Erika Prevost
  • Frat Dude: Jesse Camacho
  • Angry Woman: Jenna Wheeler-Hughes
  • Police Officer: Mizinga Mwinga
  • Police Officer: Céleste Dubé
  • Police Officer: André Bédard
  • Reporter #1: Eric Davis
  • Reporter #2: Lydia Zadel
  • EMT: Elizabeth Neale
  • Gale’s Cameraman: Justin Johnson
  • MTA Worker: Stephane Ishmael
  • Ghostface: Max Laferriere
  • Richie Kirsch (uncredited): Jack Quaid
  • Bodega Clerk (uncredited): Jason Cavalier
  • Greg Bruckner (uncredited): Thom Newell
  • Paul 2.0 (voice) (uncredited): Tim Robinson
  • Subway Ghostface (voice) (uncredited): Akiva Schaffer

Scream VI Movie Crew

  • Executive Producer: Cathy Konrad
  • Executive Producer: Gary Barber
  • Original Music Composer: Brian Tyler
  • Production Design: Michele Laliberte
  • Executive Producer: Courteney Cox
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Greg P. Russell
  • Writer: James Vanderbilt
  • Characters: Kevin Williamson
  • Executive Producer: Marianne Maddalena
  • Director: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin
  • Producer: William Sherak
  • Songs: Demi Lovato
  • Stunts: Jean Frenette
  • Production Supervisor: Marie-Elaine Bailly
  • Still Photographer: Philippe Bossé
  • Casting: Rich Delia
  • Director of Photography: Brett Jutkiewicz
  • Music Editor: Kevin McKeever
  • Director: Tyler Gillett
  • Executive Producer: Chad Villella
  • Sound Effects Editor: Nancy MacLeod
  • Stunt Coordinator: Alexandre Cadieux
  • Set Decoration: Louis Dandonneau
  • Art Direction: Philippe Lord
  • Transportation Coordinator: Daniel Matthews
  • Location Manager: Michèle St-Arnaud
  • Sound Designer: D. Chris Smith
  • Chief Lighting Technician: Eames Gagnon
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Karen Baker Landers
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Peter Staubli
  • Finishing Producer: Vanessa Galvez
  • Unit Publicist: Puelo Deir
  • First Assistant Accountant: Patricia Gomez Zlatar
  • Art Direction: Mathieu Giguère
  • Makeup Department Head: Kathy Kelso
  • Compositor: Erik Classen
  • ADR Voice Casting: Patty Connolly
  • Visual Effects Producer: Kevin McAllister
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Julie Garceau
  • Unit Production Manager: Daniel Auclair
  • Casting Associate: Adam Richards
  • Thanks: Sierra Russell
  • “A” Camera Operator: Geoffroy St-Hilaire
  • Stunts: Max Laferriere
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Marianne Bobet
  • Writer: Guy Busick
  • Executive Producer: Peter Oillataguerre
  • Sound Mixer: Louis Marion
  • Stunt Double: Naomi Frenette
  • Color Assistant: Jason Maydick
  • Thanks: Chelsea Rebecca
  • Thanks: James A. Janisse
  • Visual Effects Editor: Christopher Rucinski
  • Thanks: Thom Newell
  • Key Costumer: Sabrine Canuel
  • Visual Effects Producer: Alizée Plourde
  • Editor: Jay Prychidny
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Andre Bustanoby
  • Set Dresser: Benoit Robitaille
  • Special Effects Makeup Artist: Vague Vartanian
  • Costume Design: Avery Plewes
  • First Assistant Editor: Jason Pelham
  • Set Designer: Radia Slaimi
  • Stunt Double: Flavie Groleau
  • Executive Producer: Ron Lynch
  • Third Assistant Director: Ela Miszkurka
  • Assistant Unit Manager: Mariann Petit
  • Sound Effects Editor: Herbert Rawlinson
  • Assistant Location Manager: Lauriane Rognie
  • Original Music Composer: Sven Faulconer
  • Thanks: Josh Russell
  • Compositor: George Ferris
  • Graphic Designer: Carl Lessard
  • Stunt Double: Mathieu Coderre
  • 3D Digital Colorist: Andre Rivas
  • Supervising Editor: Debajit Barman
  • Thanks: Damien Zimmerman
  • Key Grip: David Dinel
  • Researcher: Dennis Eleveld
  • Stunt Double: Marie-Ève Beckers
  • First Assistant Director: Buck Deachman
  • Costume Supervisor: Henri Aubertin
  • Foley Supervisor: Beso Kacharava
  • Script Supervisor: Pauline Béraud
  • Producer: Paul Neinstein
  • Assistant Property Master: Annie Carpentier
  • Foley Artist: Biko Gogaladze
  • Foley Mixer: Giorgi Lekishvili
  • “B” Camera Operator: Hugues Tremblay
  • Set Decoration: Léa-Valérie Létourneau
  • ADR Mixer: Jamison Rabbe
  • Production Assistant: Eugene Shawn
  • Key Production Assistant: Jonathan Lecot
  • Sound Assistant: Gabriel Dufour-Laperrière
  • Set Decoration: Suzanne Cloutier
  • Production Assistant: Marine Lacour
  • Graphic Designer: Louis Depelteau
  • Foley Editor: Alexander Sanikidze
  • Production Assistant: Sarah Iorio
  • Second Assistant Director: Alix Croquet
  • Stunt Double: Laiko Foroughi
  • Production Assistant: Jan de Calbiac
  • Graphic Designer: Karoline Roy
  • Set Dresser: Marc-André Krukowski
  • Assistant Decorator: Sonia Khenfech
  • Costumer: Myriam Hanahem
  • Co-Producer: Chris Stone
  • Stunt Double: Kenny Parent
  • Compositor: Sirangi Sampath Kumar
  • Compositor: Kokkera Naga Srinivasa Rao
  • Lighting Artist: Pablo Franquebalme Álvarez
  • Post Production Assistant: Tyler Ferguson
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Nathan Blacksmith
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Lindsay Thomas
  • Hairstylist: Farid Brik
  • Production Secretary: Charlene Vallespin
  • Set Decorating Coordinator: Erick Martinez
  • Special Effects Technician: David Pleau
  • Compositor: Sujoy Dey
  • Stunt Double: Millie Dallas
  • Rigging Grip: Joey Wills
  • Conductor: Bernhard Melbye Voss
  • Assistant Location Manager: Cyril Loreau
  • Assistant Location Manager: Caroline Desbiolles
  • Location Coordinator: Anouk Chénier
  • Assistant Location Manager: Vincent Bellefleur
  • Production Assistant: Maxime Lamothe
  • Production Assistant: Felix Roy
  • Producer’s Assistant: Rebecca Seamans
  • Thanks: Adriana King
  • Thanks: Adam Band
  • Thanks: Jack Bennett
  • Lighting Technician: Zenab Jaber
  • Stereoscopic Supervisor: Yoichiro Aoki
  • Visual Effects Compositor: Sayan Chattopadhyay

Scream VI Movie Trailer

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