Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer: Claire Redfield is looking into a huge fish that is killing whales in the harbor, Leon Kennedy is tracking down a kidnapped DARPA scientist, and Jill Valentine is combating a zombie epidemic and a new T-Virus in San Francisco. Chris Redfield and Rebecca Chambers join them, and together they follow a trail of evidence that lead back to

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Resident Evil: Death Island Movie

Resident Evil: Death Island Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Story

Umbrella Corporation engages a private military group to assist in evacuating high-ranking Umbrella executives and government officials in 1998, at the outset of the Raccoon City crisis. The company sends out Unit 6, which includes Carl, JJ, and Dylan Blake, but everyone in the team except for JJ and Dylan ends up getting bitten by zombies. After calling in for medical assistance and extraction, they are shocked and angered to be commanded to isolate and then kill their injured and ill teammates. The infected soldiers ambush them during their argument and bite JJ. Dylan, discouraged, then kills him.

Doctor Antonio Taylor, a DARPA robotics engineer, is arrested in San Francisco, California, in 2015 by Division of Security Operations (DSO) agent Leon S. Kennedy and Field Operations Support (FOS) agent Ingrid Hunnigan for selling secret material to foreign powers. At the briefing, Leon finds out that Taylor was abducted while being pursued by a S.W.A.T. unit from the San Francisco Police Department. Leon tries to stop the kidnappers, but they are prevented by Maria Gomez, a criminal who lived through their last confrontation a year ago. [e] In the meantime, Rebecca Chambers, an advisor with the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance (BSAA), tells Agent Chris Redfield that twelve persons have died after inexplicably contracting a highly advanced strain of the T-virus. Chris pays a visit to Jill Valentine, seeking to dissuade her from taking part in the surgery because of her time spent under Albert Wesker’s mind control,[f] but Jill ultimately decides to go through with it.

Claire Redfield, Chris’s sister, tells Chris and Jill that she found an infected orca swimming near the Greater Farallones National Marine Sanctuary, which explains the recent disappearance of multiple whales. Chris and Jill then meet with Rebecca and Claire to discuss their findings. Since this strain is so similar to those the BSAA has seen before, they are confident in the efficacy of their current vaccines. Because of the close proximity of the sanctuary to Alcatraz Island, the gang visits the prison while pretending to be visitors. As Jill and Leon fight off some Lickers in the sewers, they make it to the armory, where they find plans for mosquito-like drones that were used to infect humans, before being kidnapped by Dylan and thrown into a cell with Taylor. Dylan uses the drones to infect the Redfields and Leon, reveals that he has taken over Glenn Arias’s criminal organization and joined forces with Maria to avenge Diego’s death, and then escapes to carry out his intentions. Rebecca heals Leon and the Redfields as Jill searches for Dylan. Leon then confronts and kills Maria.

Dylan combines himself with a bio-organic weapon and the Redfields, Jill, Leon, and Rebecca, reassemble to battle him. Rebecca takes command of Dylan’s drones, programming them to infect him with a virus that Jill, Leon, and Chris use in conjunction with explosives and a rocket launcher to murder him. As they wait for the BSAA rescue helicopters, Chris gives Jill high marks for her bravery.

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Review

Movie name: Resident Evil: Death Island

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Release Date: 2023-06-22

Resident Evil: Death IslandMovie Rating: 7.874/10

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Cast

  • Leon S. Kennedy (voice): Matthew Mercer
  • Chris Redfield (voice): Kevin Dorman
  • Rebecca Chambers (voice): Erin Cahill
  • Jill Valentine (voice): Nicole Tompkins
  • Claire Redfield (voice): Stephanie Panisello
  • Ingrid Hunnigan (voice): Salli Saffioti
  • Maria Gomez (voice): Cristina Valenzuela
  • Dylan Blake (voice): Daman Mills
  • Antonio Taylor (voice): Frank Todaro
  • JJ (voice): Lucien Dodge
  • William Gunner (voice): Isaac Robinson-Smith
  • Reporting Student (voice): Alejandro Saab
  • SWAT Captain (voice): Bob Carter
  • Zombies (voice): Bill Butts
  • Derrick Dover: Ananda Dawn Jacobs
  • Additional Voice (voice): Dawn M. Bennett
  • Additional Voice (voice): Joe Hernandez
  • Additional Voice (voice): John Bentley
  • Takeyuki Honda: Kenta Nitta
  • Jeffrey Rowe: Keren Louis
  • Additional Voice (voice): Kim Gasiciel
  • Alexandria Kayy / Joel Dickerson: Masaaki Sasaki
  • Kai Kitamura: Momotaro Sakae
  • Ryoko Gomi / Natsumi Sano: Runa Kitanoe
  • Additional Voice (voice): Ryan Colt Levy
  • Tsubasa Mukaida: Ryuhei Higashiyama
  • Shunya Sasaki: Takahiro Yoneoka
  • Additional Voice (voice): Tiana Camacho
  • Additional Voice (voice): Zeke Alton
  • Additional Voices / Zombies: Luis E. Bermudez

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Crew

  • Executive Producer: Takashi Shimizu
  • Director: Eiichirō Hasumi
  • Military Consultant: Akihiko Sai
  • Producer: Hiroyuki Kobayashi
  • Original Music Composer: Rei Kondo
  • Writer: Makoto Fukami
  • Editor: Mitsuo Nishio
  • CGI Director: Tomohiro Shimizu
  • Director of Photography: Yun M. Watanabe
  • Music: Rei Kondoh
  • Motion Capture Artist: Derrick Dover

Resident Evil: Death Island Movie Trailer

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