La Leyenda de los Chaneques Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer: Leo San Juan has been attempting to put his attention on his family and their bakery for the past five years, ever since he gave up his powers and cut ties with his pals. Yet Leo is well aware that his ideas rarely pan out, and their trip with Nando to

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La Leyenda de los Chaneques

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Story

A little woodworking community in Veracruz’s Tuxtla jungle has been terrorized by mysterious beings: a dense fog has descended upon the area, piercing shrieking can be heard amid the trees, plants are beginning to move on their own, and ghostly figures have begun abducting the locals. But, optimism has returned to the village when Leo San Juan, a famous legend hunter, and his brother Nando have been seen about town giving away free baked goods.

It’s been five years since Leo’s last journey, during which he was forced to give up his powers, and the last time he encountered the ghosts of the people who had tried to protect him. Since then, Leo and his family have been enjoying a quiet, routine existence in Puebla, but he’s ready for a change of pace and some less exciting adventures, so he’s asked his brother to take him to the port city of Veracruz, where he can sign up for a job on a merchant ship. Leo will accompany Nando on his commercial stop if doing so will not significantly delay his own travel plans.

The young villager Diego then approaches Leo and Nando, pleading for their assistance in rescuing his father from the hands of the legendary but terrible chaneques. How can Leo aid them without his abilities, without his pals, and without needing to rush to board a boat? He doesn’t want to accept the task; he doesn’t even want to hear about it.

What if Nando also has powers, though, so that he may go out with Diego in the middle of the night and aid him? He is, after all, the sibling of Mexico’s most famous mythbuster. When Leo discovers that Nando has followed Diego into the jungle, he feels compelled to chase after them before the chaneques catch up and kill them.

Leo is tricked by the chaneques just as he enters the jungle, where he is immediately attacked by both animals and trees. Just when it looks like there is no way out, a curandero who has been following him comes to his rescue. The curandero briefs him on the location of the chaneque’s cenote, explaining that he must accept the aid of his ghostly friends if he is to locate his brother and ultimately prevail against the chaneques. Yet Leo has a hard time letting go of his worries; he only wants to track down his sibling so that he may start a new life as a merchant seaman. Even though he apparently has no choice but to use them.

When will Leo get to hang out with his pals again? Is there still time for him to locate Nando and Diego? If he loses his powers, can he still win against the chaneques?

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Movie Review

Movie name: La Leyenda de los Chaneques

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Movie Release Date: 2023-07-14

La Leyenda de los ChanequesMovie Rating: 8.556/10

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Movie Cast

  • Leo San Juan (voice): Benny Emmanuel
  • Nando San Juan (voice): Emilio Treviño
  • Diego (voice): Jorge Rafael
  • Teodora Villavicencio (voice): Mayté Cordero
  • Xóchitl Ahuactzin (voice): Annie Rojas
  • Evaristo: Eduardo España
  • Don Andrés: Andrés Couturier
  • Chamán: Alejandro Villeli
  • Alebrije: Gabriel Basurto

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Movie Crew

  • Producer: Jose C. Garcia de Letona
  • Co-Director: Alberto Rodríguez
  • Music: Leoncio Lara
  • Producer: Fernando de Fuentes
  • Writer: David Israel Hernández
  • Director: Marvick Núñez

La Leyenda de los Chaneques Movie Trailer

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