Knights of the Zodiac Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer: In his search for his kidnapped sister, Seiya, a feisty street orphan, unknowingly taps into latent abilities that make him the only one who may be able to defend a reborn goddess appointed to watch over humanity. Will he be able to accept his fate and become a Knight of the Zodiac?

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Knights of the Zodiac Movie

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Story

Seiya is an orphan who lives on the streets and is looking for his stolen sister, Patricia. Seiya releases an eerie blue light during a ring fight with Cassios. Docrates and Alman Kido catch up with him after the fight. Kido tells Seiya that Vander Guraad, his ex-wife, is on the lookout for him.

Warriors loyal to Guraad capture Docrates and then set their sights on Seiya, Kido, and Mylock. Seiya, Mylock, and Kido get away from the warriors after a brief chase. Mylock knocks out Seiya when he demands to know what’s going on. After being taken to Kido’s lair, an unconscious Seiya remembers his sister’s abduction.

According to Kido, Seiya is destined to become the Pegasus Knight, a warrior knight for the goddess Athena, and Sienna, Kido’s adopted daughter, is the reincarnation of Athena. Patricia sacrificed herself to keep Seiya safe because she knew his fate was tied to hers. In order to protect himself and Sienna with his Cosmo and to locate Patricia, Kido advises Seiya to study under Marin the Silver Knight.

Sienna loses control of her Cosmo for a moment at breakfast with Seiya, but Kido quickly restores order. While this is going on, Cassios defeats several of Guraad’s formidable prototype troops and agrees to join them in order to have his revenge on Seiya.

Seiya and Sienna become friends, and eventually she talks him into attending training in Marin. Seiya travels to the mountain where Marin lives with Mylock, then ascends the mountain on her own to see her. Since Seiya has trouble controlling his Cosmo at first, training is difficult, but with Marin’s guidance, he perseveres. That night, Sienna has a dream in which she sees herself as Athena tearing apart Seiya’s armor and wreaking havoc, prompting her to release another Cosmo burst.

Eventually, Seiya learns to master his Cosmo. His necklace lights up and allows him access to his Pegasus armor, but as he is merging with it, he has a vision in which Kido tells him that he witnessed Guraad abduct Patricia. Seiya goes back to Kido’s residence in an attempt to confront him, but Sienna whisks him away. Guraad was forced to survive by draining Cosmo from children after the young Guraad ruined her arms, and Guraad eventually let Patricia go after discovering that Patricia lacked any Cosmo.

Once Guraad’s subordinate Nero extracts the location of Kido’s hideout from Docrates through torture, she finally finds Kido. Both Seiya and Sienna are back at the estate. Seiya successfully fends off Guraad’s warriors, but he is knocked out by Cassios after forgetting to activate his Pegasus armor. To prevent Guraad from taking over, Kido destroys his property and himself in an explosion. Seiya is powerless to prevent Guraad’s soldiers from knocking Sienna out and capturing her.

Guraad tells Sienna she has abandoned up on mending herself, and then she begins draining Sienna’s Cosmo to keep her from becoming a menace to the planet. After being rescued by Mylock, Seiya is able to forgive himself for failing to intervene when Patricia was abducted. In order to battle Guraad’s warriors and Cassios, Mylock and Seiya journey to his base, where Seiya activates his Pegasus armor.

Guraad tries to stop the surgery since he can’t bear to see Sienna’s life force drained, but Nero turns on her and transforms into the Phoenix Knight. When Nero and Seiya continue their struggle, Sienna, nearly finished with her metamorphosis into Athena, interrupts them and causes widespread havoc. Sienna regains consciousness after receiving assistance from Seiya, albeit only briefly.

Sienna notices that her hair is purple when she opens her eyes. After mending fences, Sienna gives Guraad his arms back. Nero observes as Sienna and Seiya, accompanied by Mylock, leave the location. Sienna reveals that the ancient gods are rising again, necessitating the intervention of the Knights of the Zodiac. She comes to the conclusion that it is time to track down Patricia.

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Review

Movie name: Knights of the Zodiac

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Release Date: 2023-04-27

Knights of the ZodiacMovie Rating: 6.664/10

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Cast

  • Seiya / The Pegasus Knight: Mackenyu
  • Sienna / Athena: Madison Iseman
  • Nero / The Pheonix Knight: Diego Tinoco
  • Mylock: Mark Dacascos
  • Cassios: Nick Stahl
  • Guraad: Famke Janssen
  • Alman Kido: Sean Bean
  • Marin / The Eagle Knight: Caitlin M Hutson
  • Marin / The Eagle Knight (Voice): Katie Moy
  • Patricia: Kaylan Teague
  • Young Seiya: Ryusei Iwata
  • Docrates: T.J. Storm
  • Jaki the Beast: David Torok
  • Ring Announcer: Todd Williams
  • Referee: Zoltan Durko

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Crew

  • Original Music Composer: Yoshihiro Ike
  • Co-Producer: Jonathan Shore
  • Action Director: Andy Cheng
  • Executive Producer: Rick Nathanson
  • Director: Tomek Baginski
  • Executive Producer: Jeffrey Chan
  • Producer: Tim Kwok
  • Executive Producer: Kouzou Morishita
  • Producer: Joseph Chou
  • Screenplay: Kiel Murray
  • Screenplay: Josh Campbell
  • Producer: Yoshi Ikezawa
  • Other: Masami Kurumada
  • Production Design: Csaba Lòdi
  • Foley Artist: Tapio Liukkonen
  • Screenplay: Matthew Stuecken
  • Editor: Kenny G. Krauss
  • Editor: Peter Pav
  • Director of Photography: Tomasz Naumiuk
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Ron Simonson
  • Co-Producer: B.F. Painter
  • Costume Design: Tóth András
  • Costume Design: Godena-Juhász Attila
  • Executive Producer: Katsuhiro Takagi

Knights of the Zodiac Movie Trailer

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