Kandahar All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

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Kandahar All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Kandahar All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Kandahar Movie Story

Tom Harris is a CIA contractor undercover to plant malware at an Iranian nuclear research facility. Tom pretends to be a technician for a Swiss communications firm while actually working undercover. The software accomplishes its goal and the facility self-destructs, completing his purpose.

A British journalist working in Iran has been the target of surveillance by the Iranian authorities. She is given proof by a whistleblower of the CIA’s persistent efforts to undermine Iran’s nuclear projects. She is taken into custody by Iranian authorities after the facility is bombed. She explains to the Iranians that she is suspicious of the Swiss contractor because of its proximity to Iranian government buildings.

Tom departs Iran bound for England by way of Dubai. His journey to London is delayed, so he has time to meet with his CIA handler, Roman Chalmers, in Dubai. Roman is a Muslim convert who fakes his way through life as a Dubai socialite, a life he deeply despises. Roman says he purposefully waited to take off in order to schedule this meeting. Tom takes Roman up on his offer of a high-paying CIA contract in Herat, Afghanistan, so that he may send his daughter to college without going into debt.

As Tom reaches Herat, a leak in the intelligence community identifies him as the operator responsible for bombing the nuclear plant. His mission in Herat has been called off since his cover has been compromised. Tom and his Afghan-American interpreter, Mohammad “Mo” Doud, follow Roman’s instructions to an evacuation site in Kandahar. Tom’s whereabouts in Herat are discovered by the security agencies of both Iran and Pakistan, the latter of which sends agents to capture him with the intention of demanding a ransom for him. The Iranians and a Pakistani operative (Kahil Nassir) are on the hunt for Tom and Mo in Herat. They manage to get away from Kahil and the Iranians and head for the desert.

Tom and Mo are ambushed by an Iranian chopper while traveling to Kandahar. Tom brings down the chopper, killing everyone inside. Tom and Mo are now on foot and looking for help from an Afghan warlord Tom knows who isn’t affiliated with the ruling Taliban. After years of silence, Mo tells Tom and the warlord that the warlord killed Mo’s son. The warlord is upset, but he still gives Tom and Mo a ride and they leave his camp.

Meanwhile, having cut ties with the CIA, Roman has arrived in Afghanistan to enlist with ISIS-K. A Taliban warrior hired by Kahil kidnaps Tom and Mo. Tom thinks his warlord friend betrayed him. Roman leads an assault on the compound holding Tom and Mo by ISIS-K. It has been reported that the warlord of the Taliban has been eliminated. Kahil shows up at the battlefield. He figures out that it wasn’t ISIS-K attacking, but rather Afghan SF Commandos working for the CIA. While the conflict rages on, Roman, Tom, and Mo drive out of the property. Kahil gathers together another Taliban force in anticipation of Tom’s escape via a decommissioned CIA airstrip.

Tom, Roman, and Mo’s car is attacked by Kahil just as it arrives at the extraction spot. As his life drains away, Roman decides to leap off the moving car. Roman says the Shahada while he lies dying. Tom engages Kahil in combat and severely injures him. It’s inevitable that Kahil and his Taliban gang will succeed in capturing Tom and Mo after they intercept the pair.

A CIA director, however, orders an illegal missile strike on the remaining pursuing Taliban. As a result, Tom and Mo are free to flee aboard a British military cargo plane. Kahil seemed to have avoided death in the attack. Tom and Mo are able to go home to their families, and the British journalist is released.

Kandahar Movie Review

Movie name: Kandahar

Kandahar Movie Release Date: 2023-05-25

KandaharMovie Rating: 6.5/10

Kandahar Movie Cast

  • Tom Harris: Gerard Butler
  • Mohammad ‘Mo’ Doud: Navid Negahban
  • Roman Chalmers: Travis Fimmel
  • Kahil: Ali Fazal
  • Farzad Asadi: Bahador Foladi
  • Luna Cujai: Nina Toussaint-White
  • Mark Lowe: Mark Arnold
  • Chris Hoyt: Corey Johnson
  • Rasoul: Hakeem Jomah
  • Oliver Altman: Tom Rhys Harries
  • Ismail Rabbani: Ray Haratian
  • Shina Asadi: Elnaaz Norouzi
  • Ida Harris: Olivia-Mai Barrett
  • Corrine Harris: Rebecca Calder
  • Bashar: Vassilis Koukalani
  • Parshand: Farzad Bagheri
  • English Newscaster 1: Ross Berkeley Simpson
  • English Newscaster 2: Lee Comley
  • Nahal Hosseini: Najia Khaan
  • Adela Doud: Reem AlHabib
  • Taliban commander: Fahim Fazli
  • Stuart Sutherland: Darius Radac

Kandahar Movie Crew

  • Casting: Daniel Hubbard
  • Producer: Gerard Butler
  • Editor: Colby Parker Jr.
  • Key Rigging Grip: Jack Serino
  • Executive Producer: Tom Ortenberg
  • Executive Producer: Scott LaStaiti
  • Producer: Basil Iwanyk
  • Director: Ric Roman Waugh
  • Music: David Buckley
  • Stunt Double: Danko Jordanov
  • Producer: Alan Siegel
  • Costume Design: Kimberly Adams
  • Production Design: Vincent Reynaud
  • Utility Stunts: Ivailo Dimitrov
  • Director of Photography: MacGregor
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Dominic Gibbs
  • Foley Artist: Jason Swanscott
  • Stunt Coordinator: Dian Hristov
  • ADR Mixer: Tom Hambleton
  • Special Effects Supervisor: Joe Pancake
  • Sound Effects Editor: Andrew Neil
  • Still Photographer: Hopper Stone
  • Steadicam Operator: Dave Isern
  • Makeup Artist: Anita Lowe
  • Special Effects Coordinator: Jason Paradis
  • Producer: Christian Mercuri
  • Casting: Miranda Davidson
  • Set Decoration: Anas Balawi
  • Script Supervisor: Jennifer Josephson
  • First Assistant “C” Camera: Vishal Jain
  • ADR Mixer: Michael Botha
  • Post Production Supervisor: Cheryl Goodbody
  • First Assistant Camera: Andrea Quaglio
  • First Assistant Director (Prep): Ali Cherkaoui
  • Sound Effects Editor: Ben Chick
  • Stunt Driver: Stilyan Mavrov
  • Stunts: Elitsa Razheva
  • Grip: Ian Hotujac
  • ADR Mixer: Mike Tehrani
  • Camera Trainee: Raghav Khanna
  • Executive Producer: Jonathan Fuhrman
  • Producer: Erica Lee
  • Unit Production Manager: Patel Cyrus
  • Foley Editor: Stuart Bagshaw
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Mark Taylor
  • Second Assistant “B” Camera: Beatriz Delgado
  • Storyboard Artist: Keith Weir
  • Costume Supervisor: Hilary Hughes
  • Stunts: Reni Sirmina
  • Rigging Grip: Hassan Hajhouj
  • Executive Producer: James Masciello
  • Executive Producer: David Haring
  • Stunt Driver: Zarene Dallas
  • Graphic Designer: Pateel Kishmishian
  • Executive Producer: Rob Moran
  • Production Sound Mixer: Alan MacFeely
  • Drone Pilot: Wesley Green
  • Second Second Assistant Director: Simon Adegbenro
  • Stunt Driver: Jason Tubbs
  • First Assistant Director: Michael Saunders
  • Assistant Camera: César Villalba
  • ADR Recordist: Alex Stylianou
  • Producer: Brendon Boyea
  • Boom Operator: Alayn Crespo
  • Dolly Grip: Yakoubi Nordine
  • Casting Associate: Rory Okey
  • Makeup Supervisor: Zainab Jaye
  • Grip: Naoufal Lamkealal
  • Production Manager: Athba AlKhudairy
  • Executive Producer: Ruzanna Kegeyan
  • Executive Producer: Andrea Dimity
  • Screenplay: Mitchell LaFortune
  • Hair Department Head: Jules Chapman
  • Set Decoration: Razanah Silawi
  • Supervising Art Director: Christian Zollenkopf
  • Makeup Supervisor: Pati Martí Donoghue
  • Second Assistant “A” Camera: Anna Albiach
  • Second Assistant Director: Patricia Wheeler
  • Executive Producer: Matthew Sidari
  • Drone Operator: James France
  • Standby Property Master: Michael Coja
  • Key Grip: Raul Vasquez
  • Assistant Art Director: Vatsal Mistry
  • Post-Production Manager: Mouthanna Al-Sayegh
  • Assistant Production Coordinator: Rayan Aljowair
  • Unit Production Manager: Maxine De Vere
  • Graphic Designer: Mahdi Jahangir
  • ADR Editor: Louisa Kearns
  • Sound Assistant: Oliver Miszti
  • Stunt Driver: Ben Menzies
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Adrian Alescio
  • Second Assistant Camera: Mathiew Chambers
  • Digital Imaging Technician: Nico Di Masso
  • Second Assistant “C” Camera: Manish Ghadge
  • Second Assistant “B” Camera: Arkaitz Latorre
  • Assistant Camera: Arslan Muhammad
  • Camera Operator: Jonathan Pears

Kandahar Movie Trailer

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