Haunted Mansion All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

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Haunted Mansion All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Haunted Mansion All Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Haunted Mansion Story

Astrophysicist Ben Matthias, who is working on a camera to detect dark matter, falls in love with and marries Alyssa, a ghost tour guide, because of her firm faith in the afterlife. Ben quits his job and keeps his ghost tour business going when Alyssa dies in a car crash.

Years later, a single mother named Gabbie and her son named Travis move into Gracey Manor with the intention of turning it into a bed and breakfast, only to discover that the house is haunted. Father Kent, a priest and exorcist, pays Ben a visit and then hires him to take pictures of ghosts. Ben is skeptical at first, but after returning home, he is visited by the ghost of a Mariner who insists that he return to the mansion. Ben learns that in addition to himself, Gabbie, Travis, and Kent have been haunted into staying at the estate.

Ben and Kent enlist the help of Harriet, a psychic with verifiable abilities, and steal the mansion’s plans from Professor Bruce Davis, an expert in haunted buildings. The trio tracks down a secret séance chamber, where Harriet makes touch with Gracey’s ghost, who leaves a note telling them to visit the famous medium Madame Leota. Harriet tries to stay inside, but something outside the house compels her to leave. Soon after, Bruce shows up and starts having ghostly visions.

They spend the night in the mansion and go out to track down Leota’s spirit. Ben explores the attic and encounters the spectral bride while looking for a locked trunk. When they opened it, they discovered a crystal ball inside of which was Leota.

An wicked force lured William Gracey into killing himself and locked Leota in her crystal ball after Gracey acquired the estate and enlisted Leota to try to contact the spirit of his dead wife Eleanor every night for an entire year. To get more information, Harriet tries astral projection, but instead sends Ben beyond his body, where he meets Gracey and the Hatbox Ghost.

The following morning, Bruce brings Ben to a sketch artist in order to identify the Hatbox Ghost as Alistair Crump, a wealthy heir who murdered his fellow socialites in retaliation for his father’s harsh behavior and the loss of his mother. Crump was eventually decapitated by his mutinous staff. Crump then locks himself inside the mansion, but Ben, Kent, and Travis are able to get out. They track down the abandoned Crump Manor and hear from the Mariner (who had been following them) that Crump requires a thousandth spirit to sacrifice themselves and leave the mansion. Travis unearths Crump’s hat, a key component in a ritual that would send the ghost of Crump packing.

The trio returns to the mansion, where Ben and Kent save Gabbie, Harriet, and Bruce; however, Crump burns the hat in preparation for his plan to manipulate Travis’ sadness over his father’s death. Ben tracks down Travis and convinces him to release his father while he, Gabbie, and Crump face off in a cemetery. Ben accepts Alyssa’s death, Kent gets the spirits to turn on Crump and join their side, Bruce gives Harriet a piece of the hat, and Harriet performs Leota’s ritual to get rid of Crump.

After establishing peace with Gabbie and Travis, several of the spirits opt to remain at the mansion. Ben returns to teaching and adopts a stray cat he names Tater Tot in honor of his wife’s fondness of the snack; Harriet regains complete trust in her psychic skills; Kent gets ordained as a real priest; Bruce keeps his new friendships; and so on. On Halloween, everyone gets back together for a celebration at the haunted home.

Haunted Mansion Movie Review

Movie name: Haunted Mansion

Haunted Mansion Movie Release Date: 2023-07-26

Haunted MansionMovie Rating: 7.3/10

Haunted Mansion Movie Cast

  • Gabbie: Rosario Dawson
  • Travis: Chase W. Dillon
  • Ben Matthias: Lakeith Stanfield
  • Father Kent: Owen Wilson
  • Harriet: Tiffany Haddish
  • Bruce Davis: Danny DeVito
  • Madame Leota: Jamie Lee Curtis
  • Pat: Winona Ryder
  • Crump / Hatbox: Jared Leto
  • William Gracey: J.R. Adduci
  • Mariner Ghost: Creek Wilson
  • Hatchet Ghost: Ben Bladon
  • The Bride: Lindsay Lamb
  • Alyssa: Charity Jordan
  • Ezra: Fedor Steer
  • Phineas: Terence Rosemore
  • Gus: Mike Benitez
  • Eleanor Gracey: Erika Coleman
  • New Year’s Eve Bartender: Christopher Winchester
  • Daytime Bartender: Jo Koy
  • Drunk Man: Tony Paone
  • Drunk Man: Gralen Bryant Banks
  • 60 Year Old Woman: Julie Nalibov
  • Carol Tourist: Kathi Callahan
  • Carol Tourist: Marilu Henner
  • John: Hector Machado
  • Roger: Steve Zissis
  • TV Narrator (voice): Andrew Morgado
  • TV Narrator (voice): William Calvert
  • Ben’s Neighbor: Glendon Ray Hobgood
  • Male Student: Nico Gomez
  • Hibachi Chef: Lorenzo Beronilla
  • Doctor: Amy Parrish
  • Police Officer: Kurt Yue
  • Sketch Artist: Hasan Minhaj
  • Vic: Dan Levy
  • Male Tour Guest: Rowan Joseph
  • Female Tour Guest: Alisa Harris
  • Victor Guest: Charles Black
  • Duelist: Chad Crumley
  • Duelist: Sebastien Soudais
  • Pickwick: John Curran
  • Executioner: Tracy Goode
  • Headless Knight: Bryan McClure
  • Venetian Ghost: Don Stallings
  • Lady Blue: Ashley John
  • Caretaker Ghost: Rick Andosca
  • Diner Waitress: Kat Montes
  • Kid: Cruz Abelita
  • Kid: Edward Zhu
  • Suited Man on Dynamite: Kamran Shaikh
  • Ballerina: Helene Henry
  • Hatted Man in Quicksand: Jared Simon
  • Quicksand Man: Joseph Miller
  • Quicksand Man: Ian Covell
  • Elderly Woman w/Rose: Kay Galvin
  • Travis’ Dad (voice): Terence Mathews
  • Singer at Funeral & Brass Band: Julian Omari Gosin
  • Singer at Funeral & Brass Band: Corey Donovan Peyton
  • Funeral Brass Band: Erion Brandon WIlliams
  • Funeral Brass Band: Lumar Christopher Leblanc III
  • Funeral Brass Band: Marcus Otis Hubbard
  • Funeral Brass Band: Manuel Perkins
  • Funeral Brass Band: Derrick James Moss
  • Funeral Brass Band: Paul Michael Robertson
  • Female Waltzer: Raianna Brown
  • Female Waltzer: Kailie Sanders
  • Female Lindy Hopper: Rachel Pitner
  • Female Lindy Hopper: Ayane Azevedo
  • Male Lindy Hopper: Clarence White III
  • Male Lindy Hopper: D. Jerome Wells
  • Can-Can Girl: Arielle Prepetit
  • Can-Can Girl: Chenise Johnson
  • Can-Can Girl: Elisabeth Lagrande
  • African Warrior: Anthony Burrell

Haunted Mansion Movie Crew

  • Set Decoration: Victor J. Zolfo
  • Costume Design: Jeffrey Kurland
  • Set Designer: Robert Fechtman
  • Casting: Carmen Cuba
  • Producer: Dan Lin
  • Makeup Department Head: Kimberly Jones
  • Makeup Artist: Dionne Wynn
  • First Assistant Director: David H. Venghaus Jr.
  • Production Design: Darren Gilford
  • Editor: Phillip J. Bartell
  • Art Direction: Brian Stultz
  • Director: Justin Simien
  • Set Designer: Easton Michael Smith
  • Second Unit Director: George Cottle
  • Director of Photography: Jeffrey Waldron
  • Executive Producer: Tom C. Peitzman
  • Writer: Katie Dippold
  • Visual Effects Producer: Rene Sekula
  • Set Designer: Sam Page
  • Set Designer: Tammy S. Lee
  • Set Designer: Noelle King
  • Set Designer: Randall D. Wilkins
  • Executive Producer: Nick Reynolds
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Chris Scarabosio
  • Set Costumer: Darryl Garcia Jr.
  • Supervising Sound Editor: Andre Fenley
  • Other: Emily Tatum
  • Sound Effects Editor: Mac Smith
  • Other: Courtney Lether
  • Hair Department Head: Jeri Baker
  • Art Direction: Kristen Maloney
  • Art Direction: Shawn D. Bronson
  • Set Costumer: Natasha Romanow
  • Casting Associate: Judith Sunga
  • Set Designer: Andrew Reeder
  • Original Music Composer: Kris Bowers
  • Producer: Jonathan Eirich
  • Set Dresser: Blade Ladish
  • Set Designer: Sandra Doyle Carmola
  • Set Dresser: Maxfield Ladish
  • Second Assistant Director: Jeff Overfield
  • Assistant Art Director: Elizabeth Wedding
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Randi Owens Arroyo
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Carla Wallace
  • Key Hair Stylist: Jacqueline Bell
  • Set Decoration Buyer: Shaun Young
  • Assistant Art Director: Jaime A. Marin
  • Set Dresser: Spencer Tortorici
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Darla Wigley
  • Art Direction: Carla Martínez
  • Assistant Makeup Artist: Jennifer Denise Bennett
  • Additional Second Assistant Director: Tyler Wade Vaughn
  • Casting Coordinator: Lacey Nussbaum

Haunted Mansion Movie Trailer

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