Fear the Night Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Fear the Night Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer: A group of eight women are having their bachelorette party in a remote California farmhouse when they are attacked by masked assailants. Tess, a damaged war veteran, rallies her fellow service members to defend them throughout the night.

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Fear the Night Movie

Fear the Night Movie Full Details: Release date, Cast, Crew, Story and Trailer

Fear the Night Movie Story

Tess is a combat veteran of the Iraq War and a recovering alcoholic. She and her sister, Beth, have a contentious relationship. Yet for the sake of their younger sister Rose’s bachelorette celebration on the family farm, the two have put their differences aside for the time being. Tess isn’t a fan of large gatherings or the partygoers, so she’s just trying to get through it. Tess avoids the others and instead keeps her distance from the house’s caregivers, from whom she gets the impression that something is off. For Beth, it seems like she’s just being dramatic.

Later that night, when the other ladies at the bachelorette party are having fun with a male dancer, Tess sneaks away to spend some time by herself. Rose comes out to see how Tess is doing, and when Beth follows suit, Beth becomes enraged because she believes Rose is spending too much time comforting Tess and too little time enjoying her own bachelorette party. Just then, Rose is shot dead with a crossbow, and the women are attacked. Tess drags Rose’s body inside, and everyone is shocked to find out what’s happened. When arrows ricochet throughout the house and eventually kill the stripper, the women inside are left wondering what on earth is going on. Tess is the only one with any combat training, so she gives the order to make the house as dark as possible, stay inside, and find a way to phone for aid.

Tess walks outside and kills one of the attackers while the women try to call for aid. She takes the wallet from the attacker and has the women look him up, but no one recognizes him. Tess gives the women an arsenal of weapons and other items they can use to protect themselves. Tess discovers Esther dead with an arrow through her heart after she has gone upstairs to try to get a phone signal to ask for help during the party. One of the attackers, named Perry, announces his presence and demands his money, which is located within the house, but the women are unsure of what he wants. After debating their alternatives, the women decide that Mia will escape and signal for aid. Prior to departing, Mia confesses to Tess that she has had a crush on her ever since they were in high school together. Mia attempts to lure one of the men to a nearby residence before realizing there is no phone service. Mia’s pursuer eventually gets up to her, and she kills him with a hammer. While the remaining ladies wait for Tess to return, the doorbell rings. Another partygoer named Divya opens the door, thinking it’s Tess, only to be shot dead by Perry and his men, who then surge inside the home.

Tess sneaks inside the house of the caretakers and interrogates a man she finds there. This caretaker initially lies but then admits the truth: they have been dealing meth to Perry’s crew and hiding the proceeds. Because Perry and his group believe the women are taking money from them, they have hidden it inside the family farm and informed Perry’s gang that the women are their girlfriends. As one of the attackers appears and murders the caretaker, Tess kills him with a pitchfork and takes him home with her. Just Beth, Noelle, and Bridget are still alive back at the house. When Bridget tries to reason with Perry, he slices her throat when she does. When Perry investigates the property, Noelle offers oral sex to one of the hostages, Tim, in exchange for her freedom. When Noelle acts submissive, Tess comes back and the women finish out Perry’s remaining henchmen. Tess confronts Perry, who has returned with his missing bag of cash, in a decisive battle. During the struggle, Tess had a knife and stabbed Perry to death. Tess walks out of the house, beer in hand and covered in blood, as the sun rises.

Tess, Beth, Mia, and Noelle have returned to town seeking assistance after surviving the attack. Tess, on the other hand, provides a different story in her statement. Tess informs the authorities that the assailants took hostages, murdered some of them, and then turned the guns on each other after discovering their loot. Tess says that they killed two of their attackers in self-defense before seeking assistance in the nearest town. Tess’s story doesn’t hold water with the sheriff, but she is still free to go (albeit with pending lawsuits). Tess and Beth become sisters again by the end of the story, and Tess leaves with Mia for an unknown location. There is still no clarity regarding Tess’s legal issues, the whereabouts of the drug money, or her motivations for making a false statement.

Fear the Night Movie Review

Movie name: Fear the Night

Fear the Night Movie Release Date: 2023-07-21

Fear the NightMovie Rating: 6.429/10

Fear the Night Movie Cast

  • Tess: Maggie Q
  • Beth: Kat Foster
  • Perry: Travis Hammer
  • Mia: Gia Crovatin
  • Bridget: Brenda Meaney
  • Noelle: Ito Aghayere
  • Esther: Kirstin Leigh
  • Rose: Highdee Kuan
  • Alfonse: KeiLyn Durrel Jones
  • Divya: Roshni Shukla
  • Cody: Ray Siegle
  • Dick: Philip Burke
  • Tim: Laith Wallschleger
  • Bart: James Carpinello
  • Billy: Ray Nicholson
  • Sherrif Bullard: Geoff Pierson
  • Man in Suit: William Roth
  • Lawyer: Treisa Gary
  • Caretaker 1: Christopher Corbin
  • Caretaker 2: Jack Mikesell

Fear the Night Movie Crew

  • Executive Producer: Henry Winterstern
  • Executive Producer: Maggie Q
  • Director of Photography: Rogier Stoffers
  • Line Producer: Jennifer M. Byrne
  • Writer: Neil LaBute
  • Executive Producer: Arianne Fraser
  • Executive Producer: Jeff Sackman
  • Producer: Eric Brenner
  • Costume Design: Susan Doepner-Senac
  • Casting: Christine Kromer
  • Post-Production Manager: Stephanie Fischette
  • Sound Mixer: Chris Polczinski
  • Producer: Lucas Jarach
  • Editor: Vincent F. Welch
  • Executive Producer: Matthew Helderman
  • Executive Producer: Luke Taylor
  • First Assistant Director: Paul Silver
  • Executive Producer: Berry Meyerowitz
  • Production Design: Megan Elizabeth Bell
  • Visual Effects Supervisor: Matthew Gardocki
  • Executive Producer: Delphine Perrier
  • Sound Re-Recording Mixer: Brian Berger
  • Sound Designer: Lawrence He
  • Script Supervisor: Hannah Myvanwy Driscoll
  • Colorist: Asa Fox
  • Art Direction: Lawrence Humphreys
  • Post-Production Manager: Natalie Heltzel
  • Still Photographer: Michael Taing
  • Executive Producer: Tyler Gould
  • Second Assistant Director: Colin Blankenship
  • Boom Operator: Joseph Hartshorn
  • Producer: Larry Greenberg
  • Assistant Editor: Paul Montez McDade
  • Original Music Composer: Adam Bosarge
  • Foley Artist: Jenna Tresidder
  • Post Production Producer: Jonathan Sheldon

Fear the Night Movie Trailer

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