D.P. Season 2 Download 720p, 480p, HD, Web Series Review

D.P. Season 2 720p/480p HDTV Download: D.P. is a Netflix Original South Korean crime drama based on Kim Bo Tong’s webcomic of the same name. The series centers on a young private named Ahn Joon Ho, who is posted to the Deserter Pursuit Unit, a group tasked with locating and apprehending deserters from the Korean Army. He and his comrade, Han Ho Yeol, experience the humor and hardships of military life.

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On August 27, 2021, the first season of D.P. premiered to widespread acclaim. In 2021, it was ranked among the best foreign productions by The New York Times. Season 2 of D.P. will premiere on Netflix in July 2023, as previously announced.

D.P. Season 2 – 2023

D.P. Season 2 Download 720p, 480p, HD, Web Series Review

Season 2 of D.P. (2023) will follow Joon Ho and Ho Yeol as they take on new cases and encounter new obstacles in their pursuit of army deserters. Season 2 will go more into the protagonists’ histories and interactions with one another, as well as with their superiors.

There will be six episodes in Season 2, and each one will be roughly 50 minutes long. Han Jun Hee, who also adapted the webtoon for the screen, writes and directs the series. Webcomic creator Kim Bo Tong also contributes to the script.

D.P. Season 2 Details

Series NameD.P. Season 2
GenreAction, Military, Drama
Directed byHan Jun Hee
Written byKim Bo Tong and Han Jun Hee
Produced byClimax Studio Co-produced by Shotcake
Edited by
StarringJung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Sung Kyun, Son Suk Ku, Kim Ji Hyun, Go Kyung Pyo, Choi Hyun Wook, Yoo Soo Bin, Lee Seol, Ji Jin Hee
Production Companies
Distributed byNetflix
Release dateJuly 2023
CountrySouth Korea
LanguageKorean, Hindi, English
IMdb rating

Season 2 Cast of the Web Series D.P.

The main actors from Season 1 of D.P. will be back for Season 2, with some new faces joining them. Many well-known performers are featured in the cast.

Jung Hae InAhn Joon Ho
Koo Kyo HwanHan Ho Yeol
Kim Sung KyunPark Bum Goo
Son Suk KuIm Ji Sup
Kim Ji HyunSeo Eun
Go Kyung PyoPark Sung Woo
Choi Hyun WookShin Ah Wi
Yoo Soo Bin
Lee SeolShin Hye Yeon
Ji Jin HeeGoo Ja Woon

Time and date of Season 2 of the D.P. web series’ debut

The actual premiere date for Season 2 of D.P. on Netflix has been removed. The collection, however, is expected to be complete by the platform’s 0.33 quarter of 2023, as stated on January 17.

Several sources claim that filming for Season 2 finished in December 2021 and that the show is currently in post-production. The release date could also be affected by the length of the editing process and Netflix’s production schedule.

D.P. Season 2 could premiere on a Friday at 12:00 AM PT/3:00 AM ET in the US or at 8:00 AM GMT/9:00 AM CET in Europe, if the premiere time for the first season is any indication.

D.P. Season 2 Web Series Trailer

There has been no official D.P. Season 2 trailer released by Netflix as of yet. On December 14, 2021, however, the platform confirmed the second season with a teaser trailer.

Clips from the first season are featured in the teaser video, showcasing Joon Ho and Ho Yeol in action as they pursue deserters. New cast members for Season 2 are introduced in the video as well.

D.P. Season 2 Web Series Story

In D.P. Season 2, Joon Ho and Ho Yeol take on increasingly difficult and dangerous cases involving naval deserters. They will have to deal with more internal strife as well as tensions with their bosses.

In Season 2, we’ll learn more about Joon Ho, Ho Yeol, Park Bum Goo, and Im Ji Sup’s backstories and personal stories. The impact their Military reports have on their personal lives will also be revealed.

The second season will include additional characters and subplots, which is a great way to increase the overall tension and drama of the series. Former D.P. member turned journalist Park Sung Woo, for instance, plans to uncover some of the military’s deepest, darkest secrets.

D.P. Season 2 Web Series OTT Release Date

Season 2 of D.P. will premiere exclusively on Netflix, the most popular streaming service in the world. Netflix has the worldwide broadcasting rights to the series and will roll out the premiere in more than 190 territories.

The exact date of D.P. Season 2’s OTT release on Netflix has not yet been disclosed. But, as was previously mentioned, the premiere of the series is scheduled for July 2023.

Depending on the number of episodes and the type of show, Netflix often distributes its original content once a week or once a month. Like with the first season, it’s likely that all six episodes of D.P. Season 2 will be made available at once on Netflix.

How to Watch D.P. Season 2 Web Series Online

A Netflix membership is required to watch D.P. Season 2 online. Plans and costs vary by location and individual preference. The video quality, number of screens, and availability of downloads vary between the three tiers of service (Basic, Standard, and Premium).

Visit https://www.netflix.com for more information.

You can also watch all of Season 2 of D.P. on your mobile device, computer, or smart TV by using the Netflix app.

D.P. Season 2: All Episodes Download

Dynamic performances from Kim Hae In as Junho and Koo Kyo Hwan as Hoyeol are promised in D.P.’s upcoming second season. The star of D.P. 2 has praised Junho’s relationship with his co-stars, leading fans to expect an emotionally charged second season. Junho has been promoted to Private First Class.

D.P. Season 2 is now available for digital purchase. You may watch or download any episode in crisp HD resolution. Enjoy!

Is D.P. Season 2 based on a true story?

Season 2 of D.P. is adapted from “D.P. Dog Day,” a webcomic written by Kim Bo Tong, a veteran and former soldier. His time spent in the military served as inspiration for the webcomic. However, all of the people and events depicted in the show are made up and exaggerated for dramatic effect.

What does D.P. stand for?

D.P. is an acronym for the South Korean military’s elite organization that is tasked with finding and apprehending deserters and AWOL personnel (absent without leave).

Will there be a D.P. Season 3?

However, Netflix has not yet announced a third season of D.P. Nonetheless, the series’ continued success and the infinite story possibilities also point to a renewal. Accessibility of cast and crew, audience reaction, and other factors could


One of 2023’s most anticipated online shows is the second season of D.P. The social difficulties that surround military life are portrayed with realism and intrigue.

The excellent cast really brings the characters to life with their strong performances. In addition, the story is interesting and keeps the audience involved.

If you enjoy criminal dramas with a dash of dark comedy and social criticism, you won’t want to miss the second season of D.P. when it premieres on Netflix in July 2023.

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