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Sky’s on-demand offering, Sky Shop, offers a wide selection of media for purchase or rental. Action, romance, drama, humor, horror, and science fiction are just few of the genres represented.

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What can I get on the Sky Store?

If you’re looking for newly released movies and TV shows, go no further than Sky Shop. New releases will initially be available to purchase or rent through Sky Store, even though Sky Cinema often hosts spectacular world premieres of such films. This is great news for movie buffs who can’t wait to see the newest blockbusters and can afford to rent them.

Sky Shop has a massive selection of movies, both new and old, so you may buy your favorites and watch them whenever you choose.

Is it better to wait for movies to appear on Sky Cinema?

Those who wish to be among the first to see newly released films may do so with Sky Shop. Usually, Sky Cinema will pick up these movies a few months after they have been released on home video, but it’s still nice to have the choice available.

Sky Cinema subscribers may find it more convenient to hold out on seeing a movie until it has been added to the service. Sky Cinema provides a wide selection of movies and TV shows, but the Sky Store has so much more that it’s worth browsing even if Sky Cinema doesn’t have what you’re searching for.

How to access the Sky Store

On the Sky TV site, all customers may quickly access the Sky Shop. Just make sure your Sky box has an active internet connection.

You may also access the Sky Shop via your computer’s browser, whether it a Mac or PC. If you already have a Sky iD, you can log in using that, or you can join up for a new account.

Although you may purchase or rent content directly in your browser, you will need to use the Sky Store desktop viewer to see it. You may get a free copy of this by downloading it from the website.

The Sky Store app

The Sky Shop app is free to install on a wide variety of mobile devices running either iOS or Android. It is also accessible through Roku and NOW TV streaming players.

There is currently no way to rent or purchase content inside the iOS app. You can only accomplish this using a web browser, Sky Q, or an Android smartphone.

The Sky Go app does not yet support streaming content from the Sky Store.

Can I rent or buy content from the Sky Store in HD?

If you have a high-definition television, you may take your pick among a wide variety of entertainment options. Choose a movie or show and then decide whether to purchase it or rent it in high definition.

Can I rent or buy 4K content on the Sky Store?

Films in the Sky Store are offered in three different tiers: There’s regular definition, HD, and 4K, and 4K Ultra HD. While using UHD, a 4K TV is required for optimal viewing. Sky Shop does sometimes include UHD titles, although in general, SD and HD formats predominate.

Can I download anything for offline viewing?

In order to view movies and TV shows offline without an online connection, you must first purchase them.

How long do I have to watch my rentals?

You’ll have a week from the time of rental to start watching the movie. You may replay the game as many times as you wish during the first 48 hours after purchasing it before it disappears forever.

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Sky Store rental fee

You don’t have to worry about making any up-front payments since the cost of your rent will be added to your account at the end of the month.

Depending on their release date, movies and TV shows may range from inexpensive to expensive, however there are frequently sales where you can pick up select titles at significantly lower prices.

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